European Charter of Patiens' Right

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7-Right to Respect of Patients’ Time

Each individual has the right to receive necessary treatment within a swift and predetermined period of  time.  This right applies at each phase of the treatment.

The health services have the duty to fix waiting times within which certain services must be provided, on the basis of specific standards and depending on the degree of urgency of the case.  The health services must guarantee each individual access to services, ensuring immediate sign-up in the case of waiting lists.  

Every individual that so requests has the right to consult the waiting lists, within the bounds of respect for privacy norms. 

Whenever the health services are unable to provide services within the predetermined maximum times, the possibility to seek alternative services of comparable quality must be guaranteed, and any costs borne by the patient must be reimbursed within a reasonable time. 

Doctors must devote adequate time to their patients, including the time dedicated to providing information.

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