Active Citizenship Network’s Community, shortly “ACN Community”, was initiated in 2020 as a development of the “Active for Young professionals” program, launched back in 2014.

This community distinguishes itself as a network of individuals rather than a network of associations aiming at fostering the relationship of ACN with the single individuals that ACN has met and gotten to know in the last years through the program.

In order to keep in touch with these people, the Community allows all its members the opportunity not only to remain in contact with the network itself but also to interact with each other. Furthermore, reuniting all the interns and volunteers who collaborated with ACN through the years within an informal network to continue to cooperate with them as well as provide them help and support throughout their professional paths makes the initiative mutually beneficial for both ACN and individuals themselves.


Internship with Active Citizenship Network

internship with active citizenship network


Are you interested in an internship in EU policy?

Cittadinanzattiva APS is looking for a trainee to contribute to the development of its activities in the European framework. The selected candidate will be part of Active Citizenship Network (ACN) and will work together with the Director of European policies of Cittadinanzattiva and its team, located in Rome and Brussels.

The candidate will have the opportunity to develop competencies in the field of European projects, citizen’s involvement, advocacy, and policy making at the European Union level, communication, corporate governance, and citizens’ rights. He or she will also be involved in the management of other European initiatives and projects, particularly dealing with ACN’s Network and having relations with partners, institutions and private and public stakeholders.

The opportunity is available for all students and graduates passionate about citizens’ rights, civic participation, public policies, EU projects, with a good knowledge of the EU institutions, and a strong interest in current affairs and the European political landscape.

Candidate Profile

Skills, knowledge and qualifications:

  • A university degree or studies in European and International Affairs, Communications, Economics and Finance, Business Administration or Political Science, Law is desirable.

  • An excellent knowledge of the English language (spoken and written) and fluency in Italian are required, while the knowledge of a third foreign language is considered an asset.

  • A very good knowledge of Microsoft Office.

  • Networking & communication skills: capacity to establish and maintain relationships with the world of civic associations, institutions, and private entities.

  • Ability to work in team but also unsupervised and under stress.

  • Flexibility and experience in organizing events are desirable.

  • Experience or specific interest in health management or consumer policy are desirable.

  • Knowledge of the NGOs landscape.

  • Availability to travel across Europe.

Job Description

Tasks will include:

  • Supporting the ACN team in EU projects

  • Attending EU face to face & online events and reporting activities

  • Liaising with the European institutions, national and international organizations, private stakeholders, etc.

  • Internal & external communication support

  • Community & Fellowship support

  • Data entry & Networking

  • Interpreting and translations

The internship is in the framework of the educational and training program “Active for Young Professionals”, launched in 2014 by Active Citizenship Network both in Italy and abroad. The program regularly offers internship and volunteering opportunities to undergraduate students and recent graduates from different universities.

Over the years, the interns/volunteers who collaborated with Active Citizenship Network have now become professionals working across the EU, in Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, Rome, London, Paris and also in the USA.

Further Information
Duration: 3 months, with the possibility to be extended for other 3/6 months
Start date: to be defined together with the trainee
Location: Cittadinanzattiva’s Headquarters - Via Cereate, 6, Rome – Italy / Representative Office to the EU - Rue Philippe Le Bon, 46, Brussels - Belgium
Other information: part-time job (20/25 hours per week), flexible working time, including smart working

If interested, please, send your resume and cover letter to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(Updated: December 2021)

6Th European Patients’ Rights Day

Press invitation Rome, May 10 2012

6Th European Patients' Rights Day" Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy

Brussels, 15-16 May 2012

Active Citizenship Network is glad to invite you to the European event of the 6th European Patients'Rights Day: " Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy " on the 15-16 of May 2012, in the EESC, Brussels (Van Maerlant Building, Room VM3 - 2nd floor 2, rue Van Maerlant).

The number of ageing citizens is rapidly increasing (Europeans aged 65+ is expected to increase by 45% between 2008 and 2030, and even further to over 30% of the population by 2060) the issues of their access to health care services and the respect of their rights as patients are becoming central and extremely challenging.

The objective of the conference is thus to demonstrate that part of the solution resides in a change of perspective vis-à-vis ageing citizens, from weak patients into "empowered users" of health care services, able to contribute to a better implementation of their rights.

It will be the occasion to bring together a wide range of stakeholders throughout Europe:

to reflect on what is currently being done regarding ageing patients' rights and to discuss how the involvement of ageing patients/users in citizens' organisations dealing with health, can contribute to the well-being of the whole community, as well as to a better management of the crisis faced by healthcare services in all EU countries.

The conference would like to contribute, thanks to the collection and sharing of a research on best practices from all EU countries, to the development of public policies for the active involvement of ageing patients in the health policy and to reveal the concrete benefits of this approach.

The aim is promote a broader alliance between citizens' and patients' organisations as well as with other important health care stakeholders, identifying together Recommendations that can be used at European and national level for the active ageing involvement in health policy.

The European conferences will include at least 180 participants among which representatives of the European Institutions, national and/or regional health care departments; national citizens' and patients' organizations; European networks; European and national associations of hospitals, doctors and nurses; the health care industry.

As the places available are limited, the registration is needed, please fill in the registration form you can find on, where you fill find the program too.

We are hiring!

internship with active citizenship network

Active Citizenship Network-Cittadinanzattiva is recruiting a part time EU project manager. The successful applicant will represent Active Citizenship Network-Cittadinanzattiva as a consortium partner in European projects - funded by the EU Commission - already in place, as well as supporting the EU team in liaising with the EU Institutions, organizing events, contents and the general management of the job.

Start date: February 2022

Location: Active Citizenship Network-Cittadinanza Representative Office to the EU in Brussels. Flexible arrangements regarding division of working time from home and office are possible.

To apply: Please send a CV and a cover letter indicating how you fulfil the following criterial outlined via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Required qualities, skills and competences:

  • Embraces Active Citizenship Network-Cittadinanzattiva values, ethics and beliefs.
  • Demonstrates integrity by modeling values and ethical standards.
  • Strong diplomatic skills and networking capabilities.
  • A team player who shows a high level of responsibility, initiative and commitment.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships, and to manage a variety of international and external contacts with sensitivity.
  • Has a keen eye for detail with the ability to manage multiple activities concurrently, to maintain standards of accuracy under pressure of tight deadlines.
  • Results driven and strong motivational acumen.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills, including ability to convey complex concepts to different stakeholders.
  • Possesses sound knowledge of and experience with international relations, with a special focus on SDGs, consumer and health related issues.
  • Possesses good knowledge of EU policies and decision-making mechanisms, with a special focus on SDGs, consumer and health related issues.


  • Proven professional experience in European project management is essential, other professional experience linked to public affairs is desirable.
  • Experience in managing policy development, preferably in the consumer and health sector is a plus.
  • Strong ability to work in a multi-cultural environment.


  • Mother-tongue level in English; a good knowledge of Italian is desirable and additional European languages an advantage.


  • A university degree in law, management, economics, finance or political science is appreciated.

(Last updated: January 2022)

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