The commitment of Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network for the European Mobility Week. Active Citizenship Network is an associated partner of the European Mobility Week


O.R.A. Open Road Alliance

In September 2021, Cittadinanzattiva, in collaboration with Unipolis Foundation, launched the first Sustainable Mobility Manifesto by Italian schools to Enrico Giovannini, Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility, in Rome.

The Manifesto was part of the“O.R.A. – Open Road Alliance” multi-annual project on sustainable mobility in Italy promoted by Cittadinanzattiva in 2019 during the annual European Mobility Week.

The Manifesto is the result of an educational and workshop-based course attended by almost 2,000 students from 57 Italian schools which imagined and sketched out the possible ways in which mobility and the communities of the future will work.

It comprises four sections: Decisions, Changes, Proposals and Future. Its aim is to define the concept of sustainable mobility; show the desirable changes that should be made in the various towns; set out the actual proposals that will be created by providing a number of ideas for the future describing tomorrow’s mobility. The ideas of the students show that they are very mindful of environmental issues, sharing transport, safety, and a strong leaning towards multimodality and interoperability in addition to a more sustainable approach to the world of local public services.

To read about Cittadinanzattiva’s commitment on the topic, please check out the article here.

For further information about the Sustainable Mobility Manifesto, visit the dedicated website (IT language), watch a brief video here for a quick overview and download the communication material here (IT language).

If you would like to watch the final event presenting the Manifesto, click here and here (IT language).



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Local Public Transport: Cittadinanzattiva’s information campaign

5 consigli per muoversi in citta

In occasion of the 2020 European Mobility Week, Cittadinanzattiva has launched an information campaign raising citizens’ awareness of local public transport. The campaign aims at improving citizens’ knowledge of the local public transport services available in their cities and regions, as well as to inform them about the rights and duties of each passenger and of the possibility of reporting service inefficiencies. The inititative is part of the italian “Più sai, più sei” project.

To download “5 consigli per muoversi in città” (“Five suggestions to move across the city”), which is the small guide on local public transport realized by Cittadinanzattiva, click here (IT Language).

Local Public Transport in Italy: rising costs for monthly and annual subscriptions

conosci e partecipa

Always in occasion of the 2020 European Mobility Week, and in accordance with the information campaign above mentioned, Cittadinanzattiva has also carried out an investigation on the prices of local public transport throughout Italy. Indeed, Cittadinanzattiva’s Observatory Prices and Tariffs has released data concerning the price of local public transport. In particular, the investigation reported that in the last 15 years there was a remarkable increase in the rates of both the monthly and annual subscriptions for local public transport. Overall, in Italy in the last 15 years the cost of the monthly pass for local public transport has grown on average by 22% while the cost of the annual pass of about 18%.

For further information, plese click here 

To read about our commitment as associated partner of the European Mobility Week, click here.



“O.R.A. – Open Road Alliance” project launched
During the annual European Mobility Week, Cittadinanzattiva renewed its commitment in spreading a sustainable mobility culture. On 19th September, in Rome, it was officially presented the new multi-annual project on sustainable mobility in Italy. The initiative is promoted by Cittadinanzattiva and Fondazione Unipolis aims to:
strengthen a new mobility culture through education and in line with the UN Agenda 2030 goals; to make urban mobility sustainable, starting from younger generations and involving all the stakeholders; to define a new "Sustainable Mobility Manifesto" for the 14 Italian Metropolitan Cities.
To know more about this initiative, please click here, watch the official video and visit the dedicated website (IT language). For some clippings and press articles (IT language), click here:


Italy: “#Mobilità sostenibile” started at the regional level
In the Emilia Romagna region, the regional body of Cittadinanzattiva is engaged in a new initiative on mobility started during the European Mobility Week and realized in the framework of the project "Formiamo consumAUTORI del futuro". The initiative encourages citizens to be better informed and more active towards sustainable mobility. To do so, citizens are invited to download a leaflet, the guide for the citizens and to fill an online questionnaire (IT language).
To know more about this initiative, please visit the dedicated website (IT language).



Also in 2018 Cittadinanzattiva took part in the European Mobility Week, now in its 17th edition, with meetings and awareness initiatives in several Italian cities. This year's theme is multimodality with the slogan "mix and move" and the aim of underlining how important it is to rethink everyone's habits in terms of mobility, preferring the use of less polluting vehicles that can integrate or replace cars. To know more click here and watch the video (IT language)



During the annual European Mobility Week Cittadinanzattiva renews its commitment to contribute to spreading a culture of sustainable mobility in Italy. Under the motto "It's time to move!", Cittadinanzattiva has launched "MOBILITIME", an awareness campaign consisting of three initiatives:

To know more, please click here (IT – EN language)




Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship

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What kind of traveler are you? Find out with a quiz
What do we really know about sustainable mobility? Let's complete the online quiz to find out if we are able to better protect our rights as passengers, if our daily choices in mobility are actually "sustainable", how important transport is in Europe and, consequently, what steps the EU is taking in this direction. The quiz, anonymous, is in 9 languages.
To learn the answers, download the free guide for passenger "Moving in Europe" in the same 9 language.


Online quiz in the Italian version                                           Online quiz in the Spanish version

Online quiz in the Romanian version                                     Online quiz in the Bulgarian version

Online quiz in the Slovak version                                          Online quiz in thee Serbian version

Online quiz in the Lithuanian version                                     Online quiz in the Portuguese version

Online quiz in the English version 


Mobilidade, um paradigma de cidadania europeia

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Inquérito Europeu sobre a Mobilidade

O projeto, iniciado em janeiro de 2013, consiste na realização de uma consulta pública aos cidadãos de oito Estados-Membros, sobre os diferentes desafios que a mobilidade das pessoas representa para o futuro da UE: acessibilidade aos transportes, sustentabilidade ambiental e direitos dos cidadãos / passageiros.


Mobilumas - Europinės pilietybės paradigma

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Projektas, pradėtas 2013 m. sausio mėn., apima 8 Valstybių Narių piliečių konsultavimą dėl įvairių iššūkių, kuriuos kelia Mobuilumas žmonėms ES ateičiai: transporto prieinamumas, aplinkos tausojimas ir piliečių/keleivių teisės.


Mobilnost: paradigma evropskog građanstva

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Projekat je počeo u januaru 2013, a uključuje savetovanje građana u osam država članica o različitim izazovima predstavljenim u dokumentu Mobilnosti ljudi za budućnost EU: dostupnost prevoza, ekološka održivost i prava građana/putnika.


Mobilita ako forma Európskeho občianstva

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Dotazník spokojnosti cestujúcich

Projekt Mobilita ako forma Európskeho občianstva začal v januári 2013. Jeho cieľom je názorový prieskum občanov ôsmych členských štátov Európskej únie zameraný na hodnotenie kvality a problémy súvisiace s cestovaním obyvateľov v rámci Európskej únie. Ide o tri konkrétne oblasti: Dostupnosť dopravy, Udržateľnosť životného prostredia a Práva cestujúcich.


Мобилността: образец за Европейско гражданство

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Проектът започна през януари 2013 г. и включва консултиране на граждани в 8 държави-членки по различните предизвикателства по отношение на Мобилността на хората за бъдещето на ЕС: транспорт, достъпност, устойчива среда и права на гражданите/пътниците.


La Movilidad, un Paradigma de la Ciudadanía Europea

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Cuestionario  / Cuestionario on-line

El proyecto, iniciado en enero de 2013, consiste en consultar a los ciudadanos de 8 Estados Miembro sobre los diferentes desafíos que representa la movilidad de las personas, para el futuro de la Unión Europea (UE): la accesibilidad del transporte, la sostenibilidad ambiental y los derechos de los ciudadanos / pasajeros.


Mobilitatea, o paradigmă a Europei

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Proiectul, demarat în ianuarie 2013,  constă în consultarea cetățenilor în cele 8 state membre cu privire la diferitele provocări reprezentate de mobilitatea oamenilor  pentru viitorul U.E.: accesibilitatea transportului, durabilitatea mediului și drepturile pasagerilor/cetățenilor.



Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship

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Good practices concerning mobility from a civic point of view

The reduction of mobility is not an option, but at the same time the transport sector is not sustainable, as reported by the European Commission itself. In this scenario, Active Citizenship Network, with the European project "Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship" raises a new mobility pattern matching to more effective protection of the rights of travelers, a real involvement of all stakeholders, without which you can not hit the ambitious objectives set at European level. To read more, click here

Do you want to report a Good Practice? Sign in database

Read the Italian version                                                      Read the Spanish version

Read the Romanian version                                                 Read the Bulgarian version

Read the Slovak version                                                      Read the Serbian version

Read the Lithuanian version                                                 Read the Portuguese version

The project, started in January 2013, it consists in consulting citizens in 8 Member States on the different challenges represented by the Mobility of people for the future of the EU: transport accessibility, environmental sustainability and citizens/passengers' rights.


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