From Citizen Involvement to Policy Impact (U-Impact)

Active Citizenship Network is participating at the European project “From Citizen Involvement to Policy Impact (U-Impact)” supported by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.The project coordinates citizen involvement with the public authorities on national and European level in nine European countries in order to increase the impact of citizen initiatives on the policy making process in the European Union. It is the extension of the Joint Citizen Action for a Stronger, Citizen-Friendly Union (JoiEU).


Cittadinanzattiva/ACN opens an office in Brussels

The representative office to the EU of Cittadinanzattiva and its European branch, Active Citizenship Network, is located on Rue Philippe Le Bon 46, inside the Brussel headquarters of the CIA-Italian Farmers Confederation, on the ground floor.

For Cittadinanzattiva it represents a new and relevant effort. Above all, it shows how important for our work and strategies is the European dimension.

The Secretary General of Cittadinanzattiva will open the ceremony of our office on 12th May from 6 pm onwards.

There will be representatives of the European Institutions, leaders from civic and patient associations from several countries, stakeholders, and Italian and European partners of Cittadinanzattiva and Active Citizenship Network.

The Cittadinanzattiva delegation will be composed of Regional Secretaries, members of the National Board, activists involved in the European politics and colleagues from the headquarters in Rome.

Download the invitation

We would appreciate it very much if you would join us at the opening!

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