Directive on Cross Border Care: current concerns and possible future scenarios

The Directive 24/11 has a positive plant, and it can become a tool not only to heal traveling, but to claim that in every place of care, in every state, region or local health services, there is the possibility to have equal rights to access to health care, information on the free choice, innovation, quality and safety of care, to the complaint.


7th European Patients’ Rights Day

The 7th European Patients' Rights Day (EPRD), held in Brussels in May 2013, 16th, has been dedicated to the final principle of the European Charter of Patients' Rights, i.e. the "Right to participate in policy making in the area of health". 


Pain: report on respect of patients' rights among the Europe

This civic survey is a first attempt in which a widespread coalition of patients and citizen organizationsrepresents the point of view of patients in the European policies on pain.
The first deals primarily withchronic pain and the right not to suffer, the second, more generally, with health policies and the protectionof patients. 

The survey was carried out 18 Countries, thanks the involvement of 37 patients/civic associations, 10 Ministries of health and 54 professionals interviewed.


Pain: the importance of involving professionals

When we started the project Pain Patient Pathway Recommendations November 2012, we were not aware what impact it would have for our members regarding their input.
For the patients associations it whit relatively easy to retrieve patient information on the patients rights.


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