Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) 2019 Symposium


Award Ceremony of the II° Edition of the
“EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collection of good practices”
6th November 2019
Concert Noble, Brussels

19:00 Welcome drink

19:30 – 19:45 Opening by the SIP partners

Prof. Bart Morlion, President – European Pain Federation (EFIC)
Mark Fladrich, Chief Commercial Officer – Grünenthal GmbH
Liisa Jutila, Vice President – Pain Alliance Europe (PAE)
Mariano Votta, Director of European Affairs – Active Citizenship Network (ACN)

Award Ceremony:

Chair: Beverly Collett, President of the Jury

Welcome and introduction of the award from Beverly Collett  
Read the introduction


19:50  Greetings from MEPs of the Interest Group European Patients’ Rights and Cross- Border Healthcare  (to be confirmed).



  • 1st  video: "MyDystonia”, the winner for the category PATIENTS’ EMPOWERMENT (Good Practice N° 12)
  • Price giving* by Liisa Jutila  (Vice President - Pain Alliance Europe) & Ilaria Giannico (Secretary general - European Union of Private Hospitals) members of the Jury panel.
  • Winners to be called at the stage to withdraw the prize: Monika Benson Executive Director Dystonia Europe, Belgium.
    See the video of "MyDystonia”



  • 2nd video: “DTX FOR PAIN”, the winner for the category INNOVATION (Good Practice N° 9)
  • Price giving* by Jordi Moya (EU multidisciplinary network in pain research and education) & Gemma Fernandez (General Manager -Sine Dolore Foundation) members of the Jury panel.
  • Winners to be called on the stage to withdraw the prize: Marine Cotty – Eslous Director of Lucine Group, France.
    See the video of "Lucine”



  • Greetings from Gary Surmay, Sr. Director, Corporate Affairs, Pfizer



  • 3rd video: “Supporting Local Pain Care Network development and Patient Empowerment Through M-Health: The Case of the RED App, a Compass for Patients and Healthcare Professionals”, the winner for the category PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION (Good Practice N° 36)
  • Price giving* by Kalina Timinski (Board Officer  - European Headache and Migraine Alliance (EHMA) & Tomas Toelle (Executive Board large member, The European Pain Federation EFIC) members of the Jury panel.
  • Winner to be called at the stage to withdraw the prize: Paolo Notaro Pain Care Unit Director Niguarda Hospital, Italy.
    See the video of "RED App”



  • 4th video: “Rise-uP”, the winner for the category CLINICAL PRACTICES (Good Practice N° 6)
  • Prize giving* by Alba Malara (Scientific Coordinator - European Confederation of care home organization) & Pascal Garel (Secretary-General - European Hospital and health care federation) members of the Jury panel.
  • Winner to be called at the stage to withdraw the prize: Janosch Priebe Senior research fellow, Center of  Interdisciplinary Pain Medicine, Technical University of Munich, Germany.
    See the video of " Rise-uP”




Active Citizenship Network is responsible for the scientific design and contents of this Project, that has been realized with the financial and non-financial support of Grünenthal and Pfizer.

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