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Second training: 16th - 17th November 2020
from 16:30 to 18:30


16th November session: “Cardiovascular diseases: the red flags” (View the event registration here)

Moderator: Daniela Quaggia, Active Citizenship Network


Training speeches

Marco Vatri: “Let's talk about numbers: epidemiology of the main cardiovascular diseases; incidence, prevalence, and mortality of myocardial infarction, stroke, heart failure, atrial fibrillation”

Stefano Celotto: “From the hospital to the outpatient care: how do health workers, patients, and caregivers act to ensure health in the community”

Q&A session

Alessandra Medolla: “Is it myocardial infarction? (How to recognize myocardial infarction syndrome, symptoms, and need for immediate evaluation and treatment)”

Stefano Celotto: “Is it a stroke? (How to recognize stroke syndrome, symptoms and need for immediate evaluation and treatment)”

Q&A session


17th November session: “From acute care to chronic care: a health pathway” (View the event registration here)

Moderator: Daniela Quaggia, Active Citizenship Network


Training speeches

Luca degli Esposti: “Evidence and strategies for cardiovascular disease prevention across European countries”

Alessandra Medolla: “Drugs discontinuation: the occult risk factor.

  • Discontinuers or bad users? b. Which are the most discontinued and wrongly taken drugs?
  • How computer technology may help the doctor and the patients to enhance therapeutic compliance and follow up (Apps e telemedicine)

Q&A session

Luca Degli Esposti : “Why non adherence to therapy may be hurtful for the patient's health and costly for the NHS (unused prescriptions, drug costs, and programmed check-ups, cost of re-hospitalization)”

Marco Vatri: “Pharmacological therapy: what is the evidence on the benefits of structured and aimed therapeutic interventions?

  • To cure hypertension b. To reduce cholesterol levels c. To control glucose levels in diabetes”

Q&A session




Società Italiana di Medicina Generale e delle Cure Primarie (S.I.M.G.) will support Active Citizenship Network providing scientific content



The project is realized thanks to the support of




The speakers


Damiano Parretti, General Practitioner in Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Member of the National Board of S.I.M.G., National Manager of Chronicity and Cardiovascular disease Area of S.I.M.G., Member of the Executive Council of National Stroke Observatory. Tutor and teacher in Regional Family Medicine Residency School in Umbria, Adjunct professor of General Practice in the University of Perugia.

 image007  Stefano Celotto graduated in Medicine in 2012, completed the residency in Family Medicine in 2016 and a second level course on research in Family Medicine and Primary Care in 2019. Currently, he is an out-of-hours doctor and Family Doctor in Udine, Italy. Former regional coordinator of residents for the Italian General Practitioners' Union, he is now Teacher and member of the Didactic Council for Family Medicine Residency School in Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy). Author of several indexed articles, especially in the field of meta-research, his interests are in the field of medical education, disease and overmedicalization prevention, management of Primary Health Care.
 image008  Alessandra Medolla graduated in Medicine in 2011 in the Perugia University, she completed residency in Family Medicine in 2015. She is a General Practitioner and out-of-hours doctor in Perugia, Umbria, Italy. Her interests are in the field of medical training and education, Teacher in Regional Family Medicine Residency School in Umbria and member of Cardiovascular High School of S.I.M.G.
 image009 Luca Degli Esposti Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics and Business Studies at the University of Ferrara. Consultant at CRISAL – Centre for Health Economics and Management (University of Ferrara). Scientific research, consultancy, specific training, dissemination and training in economic and managerial activity. Managerial, economic and strategic planning in favour of public administrations and other public and private facilities.
image009 bis

Marco Vatri  Graduated in Medicine in 2016 in Perugia, currently a General Practitioner in training in Umbria. His interests are in the field of  ultrasonography, prescriptive appropriateness and overmedicalization prevention.

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