The online survey is currently available in 10 languages! Click on the link to fill it in and let us know how you consume and save energy at home! Deadline is 31 of May!

Survey description
One of the first steps of the project is to profile consumers by considering a variety of psychological (e.g., self-efficacy, value priorities, attitudes, outcome expectations) and contextual variables (household size and composition, economic incentives, technologies in use). This will be accomplished through the employment of surveys – realized through online structured questionnaires or interviews – aimed at capturing consumers’ perceptions of their own behavior and their original disposition against specific interventions conceived to diminish energy consumption.

The first phase of the project thus deals with pre-pilot user profiling based on survey data and aims at collecting and statistically evaluating survey-type data on a diverse set of consumers across Europe.These surveys will be used to record and evaluate the running behaviors of the pilot participants about energy-efficiency measures and actions; analyze the reactions of end users to the various behavioral interventions and derive predictive models of their energy-related behavior; classify different groups of end users on the basis of their energy-related behavior and explore their generalizability across pilots.

The survey is used to gather information about the following aspects at household level:

  • Household characteristics, building characteristics, and level of environmental conscience.
  • Consumer behavior with respect to the energy consumption aspects
  • Their intentions and perceptions with regard to the adoption of measures that enhance the energy efficiency
  • Major obstacles to the adoption of more energy efficient behaviors.

Target audience:
This questionnaire does not have a specific target of consumers, as the NUDGE project addresses all European consumers, of any gender, age, social status, etc. For this reason, the questionnaire is written in a clear and simple way so that anyone can answer the questions reflecting on their daily habits and their awareness about energy consumption and saving

To ensure the effective outcome of this first phase, spreading awareness of the survey is not enough. Instead, a good, coordinated effort to disseminate the survey as widely as possible and ensure participation of end users is pivotal. This will be possible thanks to the contribution of the civil society. Indeed, fundamental to this research is the collaboration of the consortium’s partners Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network with a number of civic and consumer organizations of different European countries that have shown their interest in the initiative and will collaborate in the translation and dissemination of the online questionnaire in their country. 

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For more information on the NUDGE project, please visit our webpage and the official website of the project.

For more information, please contact the project manager Manuela Amadori at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(Last update march 2021)

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