Among the contemporary challenges, the ability of cities and territories to transform themselves into inclusive, participatory and resilient contexts, able not only to adapt to changes, but also to cope with them through good planning in the use of resources and directly involving citizens, is becoming increasingly important.

There is a directly proportional relationship between living conditions in human settlements and citizen participation in the construction of public policies. There is a directly proportional relationship between living conditions in human settlements and citizen participation in the construction of public policies. Participation fosters more effective decisions, more adequate services, greater protection of rights; just as the standards of living, safety and inclusiveness of settlements determine an environment conducive to the quality of democracy and to community leadership.

But the civic involvement and the leading role of the community in the processes of knowledge and change of reality that have as their purpose the protection of rights and the care of common goods require as a necessary condition the strengthening of civic activism, in numbers, territorial spread, acquisition of skills, and the development of the ability of citizens to organize themselves to carry out activities of general interest.

The engine and objective of the Community PRO project, to be realized by Cittadinanzattivabetween May 2021 and October 2022, is empowerment, i.e. the opportunity given to people to know their rights and realize their potential, to grow in their ability to influence and/or activate change through the overcoming of information gaps and the growth of awareness, to operate themselves to reduce risk situations in which they find themselves or to increase and improve the necessary protection measures.

In particular, the project intends to achieve the following objectives:

1 - Build and train a network of civic activators, through a process of capacity building, which includes training, networking of participants for the exchange of experiences and especially their leading role in the implementation of participatory processes and meetings with local communities, to put into practice the theoretical knowledge learned during training, in a learning by doing modality;

2 - Increase the ability of citizens to activate processes of construction and organization of leading and supportive communities, tailored to the territory in which they take place, through a transferable set of tools for community activation developed by the citizens themselves, through the technical and operational support of Cittadinanzattiva and the facilitation of civic activators and shared with the community;

3 - Increase the resilience of the communities involved in the project to cope with adverse phenomena of change, through the implementation of an experimental action of Community Engagement.

The activities will take place throughout the entire country and will start with a call for the selection of future civic activators, who will benefit from training and capacity building throughout the whole project. The civic activators, with the constant support of Cittadinanzattiva, will be the promoters of participatory processes in their territories, in a process of empowerment of local communities aimed at strengthening the widespread capacity of activation for the protection of their rights and common goods.

For further information, please visit Cittadinanzattiva’s website, download the economic plan and the project activities (IT language) or contact Graziano Duma at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Project realized with funding granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies for the year 2020 to be validated on the Fund for the financing of projects and activities of general interest in the Third Sector referred to in Article 72 of Legislative Decree No. 117/2017.

Year of realization: May 2021 - October 2022.

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