The project "Assessing Patients' Rights in Europe" aims to assess with the cooperation of national citizens' organizations the situation of 14 Rights as stated in the European Charter of Patients' Rights in various European countries and consequently set up a report on the state of these rights.

ACN has been developing a set of indicators and a methodology for assessing patients' rights in Europe inspired by a Civic information (civic audit) approach, which has been used as a framework in the Italian experience of Cittadinanzattiva.
The European Charter on Patients' Rights which aims at strengthening and bringing greater awareness concerning patients and citizens' rights, making concrete and applicable certain rights present in the Nice Charter of Fundamental Rights is the foundation of this new an innovative project developed by ACN.Citizens reporting on patients' rights is a concrete step towards strengthening and increasing the European civic dimension, an active European citizenship. This report will:

  • produce information on the actual situation of patients' rights.
  • it will try to change the conception of citizens as passive an inactive into that of the idea of conceiving of them as active citizens involved in the production of information with the aim of participating in the improvement of services and the process of policymaking.
  • attempt to facilitate the empowerment of citizens' organization and citizens themselves in the protection of rights and the caring of common goods such as health.

The benefits of this are: creating knowledge and information on the state of patients' rights in Europe from the citizens' point of view and the empowerment of citizens' organizations through the implementation of this process.

The final results of the monitoring activity, contained in the report, will be presented during the 5th European Patients' Rights Day 18 April 2011 events in each country and at the European level.

Period: from May to October 2010

With the support of: Celgene, Fondazione MSD, Roche

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