Pain: report on respect of patients' rights among the Europe

This civic survey is a first attempt in which a widespread coalition of patients and citizen organizationsrepresents the point of view of patients in the European policies on pain.
The first deals primarily withchronic pain and the right not to suffer, the second, more generally, with health policies and the protectionof patients. 

The survey was carried out 18 Countries, thanks the involvement of 37 patients/civic associations, 10 Ministries of health and 54 professionals interviewed.

Of course, the survey has no statistical value but provides a picture of main critical areas in the field of non-oncologic chronic pain through data collected by 3 types of information related to 3 level of investigation:

  1. The first type concerns the degree to which institutional bodies are issuing norms and promoting policies and actions against unnecessary pain. These actions show the level of attention for people living with Chronic Pain at a national level. Sources: Ministry of Health
  2. The second type of information reflects the knowledge civic partner organisations have. They may offer a wide range of information on health care system, in connection with serious violations of rights they have become aware of in their role of “protectors” of rights of people living with Chronic Pain. Sources: National Patients Associations or Citizens organizations dealing with Pain.
  3. The third type of information concerns the direct experience of key health professionals who daily manage the care-pathways of Chronic Pain patients. Sources: the national representatives of the European Associations of Health professionals.

Click here to download the I° Edition of the Report "Civic Survey on Unnecessary Pain Patients' Right in Europe" or here to download of the main results. Watch the presentation realized during the Societal Impact of Pain (SIP 2013) Event in Brussels. May, 15th 2013

Click here to download the II° Edition of the Report, the presentation and read the press release. The final Report was officially presented last 17th of November 2014, in a press conference held in the venue of European Economic and Social Committee, in Brussels.


(Update: November 2014)

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