Directive 24/11: what the Associations recommend to the EU Institution

At European level, Active Citizenship Network addresses the EU Institutions so that they become facilitators and guarantors in:

  • building a network of National Contact Points;

  • begin a proper dialogue between the National Contact Points and the various stakeholders identified by the Directive as necessary interlocutors and at the same time striving to involve associations for patients and for the protection of rights;

  • promote opportunities for discussion and debate on the subject, for example within the EUHPF in order to disseminate awareness and maintain high attention to the important changes introduced by the Directive;

  • monitor the problems citizens may encounter while dealing with cross-border healthcare;

  • ensure that the development of e-health, urged by the Directive, may be safely carried out and without exposing the Member States to the risks of scams and frauds;

  • convey a European-oriented message built upon these new rights and provisions in healthcare which would help strengthen the sense of belonging to the European community.

(written in October 2013)


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