Collection of good practices & “EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain”

Project Description

In 2015, Active Citizenship Network wants to start a research-project at the European level with the aim to give evidence on existing good practices in several European countries in terms of struggle against pain.

In particular, the research allows us to give continuity - expanding it with some specificity – to the investigation for good practices in the struggle against pain started by ACN in 2012.

Aims of the project

  1. To keep attention focused on chronic pain as a health priority locally, nationally, and at the EU level;
  2. To encourage the exchange of experiences between professionals and patients' associations;
  3. To raise awareness among institutions about the need to identify chronic pain as a priority in health policies and programs at EU and national levels;
  4. To create a body of evidence that can be used to support the expansion of programs tailored to the care and treatment of patients with chronic pain;
  5. Raise awareness about the technological advances and their impact of the care and treatment of chronic pain – how the improvement of lives for those with chronic pain.

This project will collect Good practices experiences on chronic pain (cancer & no cancer- related) and then present them in a public event in the second half of 2016.

The good practices collection will involve the networks and contacts of ACN in Europe.

It will be a recognition of ongoing excellencies and, after a lot of important national experiences, the FIRST EUROPEAN new award: “EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain”.

The prize should be a experience exchange between the winners ( the cover of the expenses to "visit" the good practice of the other winner) + publication in English and in the winner’s language

Tell us about your way of working with chronic pain and win!

Project Duration: November 2015 – December 2016.


Other information:
The Engagement of Cittadinanzattiva in the Fight against Useless Pain
Good practice: the policy of Cittadinanzattiva


Active Citizenship Network is responsible for the scientific design and contents of this Project, that shall be realized with the financial and non-financial support of





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