European active citizens for vaccination - 2019

Improve the awareness on the importance of vaccination across Europe

European active citizens for vaccines promotion 2019

Leaders and activists engaged in social, civic and patients associations, parents, teachers, health workers, bloggers and popularizers: everyone can commit to disseminate correct scientific information, ready to defend the importance of vaccination from the wave of misinformation that is being spreading for some years.

Active Citizenship Network (ACN), is deeply committed to contribute to raise awareness about the importance of vaccination across Europe and to shift to a common knowledge linked to a life-course vaccination approach: immunization is vital to prevent diseases and protect life.

For this reason in the second half of 2019 ACN will realize:

  • social media communication campaignthat can support and spread this core messages: the idea is to produce a video where representatives of civic and patients associations, national and EU experts from academics, and healthcare professionals send a unified, clear and strong message on the importance of vaccination directly to patients and citizens.
  • with the cooperation of its constituency of national citizens’ organizations in various European countries, hold 4 focus group on the specific theme of the life-course immunization approach in the national immunization plan and make an exchange of information on how is it organized in that country compared with other countries. The aims is find together proposals and gather impressions, suggestions, advices on that aspect and provide institutional and health care stakeholders with: the strengths/weaknesses of national policies and plans on life course - vaccination for each selected country; the common elements or specificities that affect a greater or lower success of this approach in the different countries. Read more about the national events!

To know more please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The project will be realized thanks to the support of


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