European Mobility Week. Check out with the online quiz by Active Citizenship Network

European Mobility Week. Check out with the online quiz by Active Citizenship Network "What kind of traveler you are?" and discover our initiatives in different European countries.

By plane and train, when I entitled to a refund of the ticket? And if I travel by bus for long-distance? What is meant by multimodal transport? And for carpooling? And yet, by when will be deleted passenger cars powered by traditional fuels? And the old driving licenses?

On there is an online free quiz to test yourself to find out if we are able to better protect our passengers rights, how far our daily choices of mobility are actually "sustainable", how important is the transport sector in a European dimension and, consequently, what steps European Union is developing.
Participate in the quiz and see if you are a traveler uninformed, inattentive or "smart", click on
In addition, on the occasion of the European Mobility Week (September 16-22), Active Citizenship Network, recognized by the European Commission as an official partner of the awareness campaign, has made available the online quiz in 9 languages, and organized in collaboration with partner organizations a series of events in different cities of the continent.
Thematic workshops are scheduled to Faro, Portugal (managed by the In Loco, and Merida in Spain (with Fundacion Ciudadanía Information booths in Lithuania at railway stations in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda edited by Consumer Rights Protection Center ( in the center of Belgrade, Serbia, managed by Consumers center of Serbia ( in Italy, in Bologna, managed by the Regional Secretariat of Cittadinanzattiva Emilia-Romagna (
Similar initiatives are planned in Bulgaria organized by the Foundation Index (, in Romania thanks to A.N.P.C.P.P.S. Romania - The National Association for Consumer Protection and Promoting Programs and Strategies from Romania ( and in Slovakia with SOS Society of Consumer protection Poprad ( in the city of Presov and Poprad.
The meetings opened to public have the goal of presenting a preliminary survey on mobility needs in the country and make recommendations to bring to the attention of civic community institutions as well as the national.
Participants will be distributed the guide "Moving in Europe. For a more sustainable and protected mobility", a free download from the web site:
Finally, for citizens, businesses and institutions, has been opened the collection of good practices in the field of sustainable mobility. Anyone can report in the online database on the website of Active Citizenship Network: the most significant will be submitted to the EU at the end of year.
The above initiatives prepared by Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network fall within the European project "Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship", co-funded by the European Commission under the program "Europe for Citizens".

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