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Year 1th, number 2 - March 14, 2012
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6th European Patients’ Rights Day. May 10-11 is getting closer

Putting Citizens at the center of Health Policy begins with guaranteeing patients rights are respected. The 6th European Patients’ Rights Day Conference titled Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy aims at promoting the building of an empowered ageing patient, capable of interacting appropriately with health care services and institutions, in line with the WP 2011, inasmuch as it supports the active and healthy ageing of the EU population and the sustainability and efficiency of social and health care systems. Read more


Best Practices on Active Ageing Policy: GET ACTIVE!

Active Citizenship decided to dedicate a project to the 2012 European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations. "Best practices on civic participation on Active Ageing policies" directly falls into the 6th European Patients' Rights Day, which will be celebrated as every year the 18th of April. This fundamental project will be concluded through the Conference "Active Ageing citizens at the center of EU health policy", to be held in Brussels the 10th – 11th May 2012. Read all. Participate

Civic Activism

Power to citizens: European Citizens’ Initiative

Do you feel there are certain EU interests that are currently inadequately protected? Do you think a legal act of the Union is required for the purpose of implementing the EU Treaties and protecting these interests? Do you want to embark in a venture to actively shape the European Union of the future? If so, the European Citizens’ Initiative could be the right instrument for you. From 1st April 2012, EU citizens will be able to influence the EU legislation. You can submit a proposal to the European Commission requesting they put forward new legislation on any area of EU law which is within its competence. What do you have to do to submit your initiative? Click here to download EU guidelines.

Globalisation. Here’s Solution by Re-thinking

Solution by Re-thinking is the conference to be held in Aarhus University on June 1-3, 2012 – Denmark, which directly falls into the Great Debate 2050 and focus on the crucial issue of globalisation. In 2050, 9 billion people will populate hearth. What are core problems we will have to tackle with? What about the solutions? What should make it happen? Europe will surely play a central role; Solution by Re-thinking will analyse how Europe will face future globalisation effects.
Find out more about globalisation.

Consumers' Rights

ECAS: the crucial right of citizens' free movement

ECAS is a great cross-sectoral European association which is constantly giving relief to citizens’ free movement rights. The free movement of persons is a fundamental right guaranteed to EU citizens by the Treaties. It is realised through the area of freedom, security and justice without internal borders. ECAS helps with issues for members or "friends of ECAS" which often concern groups, such as frontier workers on the border between Belgium and France, Dutch pensioners paying twice for health care, cases of parental child abduction across borders or EU citizens in France who risked losing their social security entitlements. Visit ECAS

Patients' Rights

Chronic Pain: Societal Impact of Pain (SIP) 2012

On May 30-31. 2012 it will take place in Copenhagen the symposium “Societal Impact of Pain”. This event aims at pointing out challenges and long-term consequences of chronic pain. In addition to damages for individuals, chronic pain also poses severe burdens on society, by deeply hitting health care systems. Moreover, this disease is the main cause of labour discontinuation and early retirement, as well as the core  reason why the elderly’ quality of life sharply decreases. As 2012 is the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations, what is more is that chronic pain also undermines the European goal of healthy ageing. Get further information. Click here to participate. Read the Road Map for Action

Adriatic platform for patient mobility

Adriatic platform for patient mobility is designed to develop web platform that will contain the information necessary for patients with special needs or rare diseases. The project will put the emphasis on the Directive on Patients' Rights in Cross-Border and main project activities include: gathering information about the availability of health care in the participating countries concerning the stay of tourists, translation of the content for the web site in English language and in other languages.


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