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Year 1th, number 6 - December 18, 2012
Special Edition Dedicated To Energy Issues

I° survey on fuel poverty in Italy: disabled and chronically ill, the energy bill by more than €1150 per year.
An annual avarage spending of €1.152, which €230 of related to “health” consumption. This is the amount of the energy bill that a family forced to use electro-medical equipment has to pay. Practically, more than double that one of a family type. And sometimes these costs also come to €3,000.
Cittadinanzattiva presented I° Survey fuel poverty in Italy to the Senate.
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Authority Electricity and gas: in 2013 the new social bonus in Italy
The bonus reduction of the electricity bill of the seriously ill who need to use life-saving medical equipment changes with innovations. As determined by the Authority, in fact, from next January 2013, the amount of electricity bonus for physical discomfort will be linked to the level of consumption and the number of life-support devices, in order to take into account the specific needs of sick people. Among the good news there is also the possibility of obtaining the retroactive recognition of the new bonus mechanism.
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Protections for people at risk of poverty
After the presentation to the Senate of our dossier in terms of fuel poverty, "Energy and chronically ill" the Authority for Electricity and Gas has shown not only to be able to act very quickly on important issues, but also to carefully consider the "civic" information produced by the associations. Read more
By Antonio Gaudioso, General-Secretary of Cittadinanzattiva


AU among EU’s best practices according to EU Commission working group
The State-owned company Acquirente Unico (AU) acts within "a market model fully compliant with the European directives, which successfully carries out the development of the retail market." A paper on the state of the European energy market, presented at the 5th annual Citizens' Energy Forum in London by a working group from the EU Commission (composed by DG-Sanco and DG-Energy, governments, regulatory authorities, associations of undertakings and consumers), places AU among EU’s best practices.
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An international recognition for AU and the entire Italian System
The document issued by the European Union contains recognition for both Acquirente Unico (AU) and the entire Italian system. This acknowledgment serves as an important international recognition of a legal and organizational framework that promotes the harmonious development of the energy market, in full respect of competition and consumer protection. Read more
By Ing. Paolo Vigevano, Chairman and Ceo -  AU

Other information:
The role of Acquirente Unico in the Italian electricity market

News from Europe

UE launches Coordination Group for Electricity
Issues related to the supply of electricity and security of supply are the subject matter of the Coordination Group for Electricity, the collegial body just set up by the EU Commission. The Group aims to protect and promote the integration of EU energy market and promote initiatives related to energy conservation, energy efficiency, development of renewable energy sources.
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News from Italy

Citizens & gas and energy services: the spread of rights
Telecommunications are in top place for inadequate services, energy sector is in second place on the list of most critical services for Italian citizens. During last year, reports reached by Cittadinanzattiva PIT Services concerning the energy sector make up 17% of the total of those receipts with a stable trend over the previous year (16%). Electricity (55%) and gas (45%) are two interesting sectors.
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The National Energy Strategy Plan and the consumers point of view
The Ministry of Economic Development presented the basic document for public consultation in the energy sector, which will result in the new Energy Strategy for the country, after 20 years since the National Energy Plan, the country need a programmatic document that gave impetus to a more systematic and structured approach to the government sector.
Read the opinion of the main consumer associations

Conciliation: signed the new Regulations between Enel and Consumer Associations
Enel and nationally recognized consumer associations in Italy signed the new Regulation of Joint Conciliation online electricity and gas sectors which makes the procedure more in line with the demands made by the same associations.
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Not required contracts: Protocol Edison-Sorgenia
Edison and Sorgenia signed a Memorandum of Voluntary Self-regulation to combat the phenomenon of activations andunsolicited contracts of supply of electricity and natural gas. The goal, shared with the consumer associations nationally recognized in Italy, who contributed to the drifting of the document, is to ensure the maximum protection of consumers.
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Publications for Consumers

Series of useful guides on electricity and gas
After the liberalization introduced by the European Union, in Italy since 2004 all consumers have the right to freely choose their gas supplier, and since 2007 that one for electricity. The years pass, but there are still many people struggling with the lack of knowledge and distrust of the free market. To respond to the many concerns of citizens, Cittadinanzattiva has created a series of five leaflets, distributed free of charge.
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The new energy market, useful guide to the innovations introduced by liberalization and actors in the energy. Download the italian version

The contract, helpful guide to learn more before, during and after the signing. Download the italian version. Download the italian version

Read the bill, useful guide to technical terms, acronyms and numbers of the energy sector. Download the italian version

Energy saving, useful guide to become an efficient consumer of energy. Download the italian version

Instruments of protection, useful guide to assert your rights. Download the italian version

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