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Year 2th, number 7 - January 29, 2013

European funds, southern Italy spends little
In Italy, the inability of spending EU funds by the government is a matter above all, paradixically, concerning the less developed regions, that is to say those of the South, with a use of resources by an average of 22.6%: in particular they are Campania (13.2%) and Sicilia (14.9%) to represent the tips behind. Read more
By Vittorino Ferla, Head of institutional relations for Cittadinanzattiva


Transparency, the downward rating of Italian public administration
In Italy, while corruption spreads, public administrations are still stuck on the issue of transparency. And it is not a contrast of phenomena, the two are closely linked and interdependent indeed, as demonstrated by the data contained in the Report on the transparency in government presented in December by Cittadinanzattiva and Fondazione Etica. Read more
By Aurora Avenoso, Press Office Cittadinanzattiva

The engagement of Cittadinanzattiva in the fight against corruption
“Give them back to us! Money from the corruption at citizens’ service” is a campaign to raise public awareness on the costs of corruption, launched by Cittadinanzattiva in 2012 with the aim of spreading in the common consciousness the link between the spread of corruption and the decline of Welfare. Read more and visit the BLOG of the campaign.

Patients' Rights

Directive on cross-border healthcare: Commission will start implementing
Commission produced, after an impact analysis, a document that will regulate and facilitate the recognition of prescriptions (“recipes”) issued in a country different than where you want/need to buy the prescribed medication. In this way it begins to apply one of the articles of the Directive on cross-border healthcare. Read more

Creation of a European network for Health Technology Assessment
Article 15 of the Directive on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border provides for the establishment of a permanent European network of Health Technology Assessment (HTA). DG health and consumer protection held a public consultation in order to understand how to implement the stakeholder involvement in network activities HTA. Read the Report

The patients’ involvement on Health policies in Europe: the citizens voice in Cancer Care decision making process
The patients’ involvement and citizen participation are going to enter in the European Agenda of Health policy, and ACN it starts a new European project about it. The object  is to produce a Report on patients’ involvement in Health policies, with the aim to present an overview of the situation. The Report will have a special focus on Cancer Care sector and it will be presented during the celebration of the 7th European Patients Rights Day on 11 April 2013 in Brussels. Read more

Consumers' Rights

Italy: Car insurance are the most expensive in Europe
The German Institute for Quality and Finance has analyzed 31 companies, representing more than 95% of the Rc car market in Italy. In particular, the study shows a real “insurance spread” between Italy and Germany. Thus it appears that a young new driver man in Naples spends more than twice his own age German in Monaco or in Berlin. In Milan, a patented since many years spents €590 against €240 for an equal German. In Rome, a motorcyclist who operate a motor vehicle 500cc spends €260 (rising to €350 in Milan and in Naples €830) compared with €32 of Monaco. Read more

Italy: Car insurance, issues of cost and quality of service
Car insurance more expensive and out of control rates for new drivers. In Italy, the young novice drivers pay on average € 2.828 per year, but in extreme cases tenders can get to overcome even to € 9.000. If for young people compulsory insurance in the automotive field is a real bloodletting, the situation is not much better for an adult class maximum discount: in 19 cities they will pay no less than € 800.
From the project “Rc Car. How much does it cost?” with the support of the National Council of Consumers and Users – Ministry of Economic Development, the activity of most consumer associations, coordinated by Cittadinanzattiva has allowed us to obtain useful information about quality and cost of compulsory insurance in the automotive field. Read more

Passenger rights: Europeans better protected when travelling by water
By the end of the year new EU rules to better care for passengers when travelling by sea and inland waterway will be protected by a set of minimum rights anywhere within the European Union. As from 31 December, passengers travelling by sea will have the right to claim compensation for loss or damage in the event of accidents. Read more

Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship
The project, started in January 2013, it consists in consulting citizens in 8 Member States on the different challenges represented by the Mobility of people for the future of the EU: transport accessibility, environmental sustainability and citizens/passengers' rights. Citizens are given the opportunity to participate in decision-making and to formulate recommendations to the EU institutions.
The project is realized with the support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union and it is coordinated by Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network. Read more

Civic Activism

EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution: a public consultation
The objective of the consultation is to gather views on the review of the EU's Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution and on the possible options identified by such review for a comprehensive air pollution policy package that would aim to ensure full implementation of the existing legal framework and make further progress to reduce the negative impacts of air pollution in the longer term. This consultation marks the final stage of a broad consultation on the review of EU air policy foreseen to end in 2013 at the latest. Read more

Italy: 48 new Europe Direct centers open
Selected in Italy Europe Direct 48 new points that will allow citizens, businesses and institutions to obtain complete information and practical advices on the rights enshrined in the European legislation and opportunities for participation.
Europe Direct Centers also help to extend instances of civil society in Europe, a task even more important in 2013, European Year of citizens and in view of the European Parliament elections of 2014.
The 48 Italian centers will be part of the 500 points available over the next five years in the 27 EU countries and Croatia. For a list of the Europe Direct Italian centers click here.

Network News

ECAS Launches Hot Line for EU Citizens in Limbo
On 10th of January 2013, the official opening day of the European year of citizens, ECAS launched Hotline as part of its EU Rights Clinic to overcome the visible and hidden barriers to European citizenship.
The EU Rights Clinic set up by ECAS and the University of Kent in Brussels will collect evidence about problematic cases, particularly in the areas of: 1) Barriers to the Free Movement of Young Job Seekers and Students. 2)  Entry and Residence in the EU. 3) Social Security across Borders. Read more.

Oxford University: research in clinical trials
Oxford University Hospitals, in collaboration with the Cochrane Consumer Network (CCNet), is  working to collect online learning resources that help the public have a better understanding of research in clinical trials. This work forms part of The ECRAN Project (European Communication of Research Awareness Needs), which is funded by the European Commission (EU). Webform to make suggestions.


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