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Year 2th, number 8 - February 26, 2013

The European Parliament should oppose to the cuts to the budget of European Union
The agreement about the lower on the European budget 2014-2020 represents a worrying step backwards in constructing a Europe of citizens. The wrong policy for cuts continues in those areas that need most: education, environment, innovation and research. In this way they can only un-do Europe!
This is why, Cittadinanzattiva signed an appeal (in Italy promoted by Legambiente) addressed to European Parliament, which has the final word on the EU budget, so that it opposes to cuts to the European Union budget. Read more
By Antonio Gaudioso, Secretary General of Cittadinanzattiva


In Italy, the waste management less works and the more you pay, and the rates are out of control
From Tarsu to Tares through Tia, in Italy waste management does not change and rates are out of control: in the last 5 years, costs have almost doubled in Salerno (+98%) and Reggio Calabria (+96%). Record increases also in Naples (+87%), Bari (+63,5%), Trapani (+55%), Rome (+53%), Avellino (+51%). Read more

The municipal waste management in Italy and Europe

Patients' Rights

7th European Patients’ Rights Day
Active Citizenship Network is glad to invite you to the annual European Conference on Patients’ Rights: “European citizens’ rights: patients’ involvement and Cross Border Care” that will be celebrated on the 16th of May 2013 in Brussels. Read more.

OECD Dossier on waiting lists: common problem
The analysis of international organization shows the spread of the phenomenon, the critical and the attempted solutions adopted so far, in 13 countries . Read the document “Waiting Time Policies in the Health Sector”.

New EU directive removes ostacles to equivalent
On February 6th, the European Parliament approved measures to improve patient access to less expensive medical treatment and prevent a slow placing on the market (Transparency Directive 2012/0035). Read more

A review for pain conditions in dental practice
Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort) has been used for a variety of medicinal indications. Most recent research has focused on its use in herbal form for depression, but its claimed analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in homeopathic form have also led to a number of studies in patients with acute pain conditions. Read more

Arsenic poisoning investigated for onset diabetes
Exposure to medium-high levels of arsenic in drinking water could be related to the onset of diabetes. This was stated by extensive literature review about both human and animal, resulted by a working group led by Elizabeth Maull of the National Institutes of Health at the request of several international institutions, including the World Health Organization, in the context of US National toxicology program. Read more

Consumers' Rights

EU Water Initiative Collects More Than 1 Million Signatures
A group that wants to prevent the privatization of water in the European Union and keep water services in the public sector said its petition has surpassed 1 million signatures. It is the record in Austria, Belgium and Germany. But Italy also contributes with about twenty thousand signatures. Read more

Europe dumps or incinerates 60% of waste: NGO report
Europe recycles only 25% of its municipal waste, a far-cry from the EU's promise of a resource-efficient economy, says a study released by Friends of the Earth Europe. Read more

Travelling by train: more competition!
European Commission presents a series of measures to promote competition on the national rail networks. Aim of the proposals: it is to attract investment and provide more efficient services to travelers. Read the document

Civic Activism

European mobilisation calling for a European Directive to protect Media Pluralism and Press Freedom
The freedon and the pluralism of the media are under attack in Europe. The European Initiative for Media Pluralism promotes the idea that European institutions should safeguard the right to independent and pluralistic information as sanctioned by the European Charter on Human Rights. This initiative is promoted by more than 100 organizations from several EU countries (in Italy we have, trade associations and civil society including Fnsi, Libera Informazione, Articolo 21 and Cittadinanzattiva). Read more

Migrants in Europe: a new multimedia competition
The European Commission’s Directorate-general for Home Affairs is organising a multimedia competition about the subject: “Migrants in Europe”. The Competition aims to give young artists and communicators an opportunity to reflect on the contribution of migrants to the European society today. The Competition should be also useful as a first step towards more debate, information and opinion exchange. Read more


1 & 2 March, Rome: Kick off partner meeting of European project “Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship”
Representatives of consumer associations in Bulgaria, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal,Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain will meet with experts on sustainable mobility and protection of the rights of passengers. In this way, it takes start the project coordinated by Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network and realized with the support of the Europe for Citizens Programe of the European Union. Read more

6 March 2013, Brussels: “Civil Society Day”
The purpose of Civil Society Day 2013 is to illustrate how European citizenship can best be conceived and achieved if tied in with the economic, social and civic life of the European project and the policies that underpin it. This event is organised jointly by the European Economic and Social Committee and the Liaison Group with European civil society organisations and networks, in partnership with the European Year of Citizens Civil Society Alliance (EYCA). Read more

14 March 2013, Brussels: “European Consumer Day on Product Safety”
The 15th edition of the European Consumer Day will be held on 14 March 2013. This time on the agenda will be a very important topic: product safety. Stakeholders from across the EU will have a chance to exchange their views and have their voice heard in the heart of Europe. For more details, please contact: consumerday@eesc.europea.eu

18 & 19 March, Brussels: “European Consumer Summit 2013”
The European Consumer Summit 2013 is organised by the European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Consumers. The 2013 Summit will focus on enforcement and include two parts: a) High-level debate on enforcement of EU consumer legislation; b) Simultaneous workshops on different areas of enforcement (e.g. consumer rights, product safety, digital area, or energy) and the role of the European Commission. For more details, please contact: aneta.trakalova@ec.europa.eu

Italy: 22 & 23 March, Pavia: “SIMPAR 2013”
“Acute and chronic Pain. Where we are and where we have to go. From bench to bedside”. This is the title of the 5th meeting of Simpar¸ Study In Multidisciplinary Pain Research. For more details, please read the programme


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