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Year 3th, number 25 - October-November 2014

Make Chronic Pain a Health Priority in Europe
In Italy the contributions of Cittadinanzattiva–Tribunal for patients’ rights “opened” the Report concerning Law no. 38/10 on “the right to not suffer” that Italian Ministry of Health realized for the Parliament. In a specular way, at European level,  Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network “closed” the report presented by the Italian Ministry of Health during the informal meeting of the 28 European Health Ministries held on September 22nd and 23rd 2014 in Milan in the context of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Read more
Mariano Votta
Director Active Citizenship Network


Chronic pain: making the invisible visible. European collection of good practices
In 2014, Active Citizenship Network has started a research-project at the European level with the aim to give evidence on existing good practices in several European countries in terms of struggle against pain. The research was presented in Brussels last October 2nd with the involvement of EU and National Institutions, professionals, civic and patient associations, companies and other relevant stakeholders. The meeting was realized with the official patronage of the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers in the context of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and the official patronage of the Italian Ministry of Health. Read more and download the Report and the abstract.

More information:
The Engagement of Cittadinanzattiva in the Fight against Useless Pain 
Good practice: the policy of Cittadinanzattiva

Patients' Rights

EU: Informal Health Council. Debate on Palliative Care and Pain Therapy
The Informal Meeting of the European Health Ministers was held on 22 and 23 September in Milan (Italy) and was chaired by Italian Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin. It addressed the following issues: palliative care and pain therapy, fight against Ebola, innovative drugs and cancer prevention. Read more

- Read the message that Italian Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin  sent to the European colleagues on the topic of pain therapy and palliative care (ITEN version)
- Download the Position Paper: “Palliative Care, Paediatric Palliative Care, Pain Therapy: Humanization of care” (ITEN version)
- Download the presentation of Marco Spizzichino, Director of the XI office “Palliative care and pain treatment” of the Italian Ministry of Health
- Read the conclusions of EU Health Ministers Meeting (ITEN version)

More information:
EU health ministers to promote palliative care, pain therapy
Luxembourg Health Minister Endorses Joint European Effort for Palliative Care and Pain Treatment

EU: Patients and citizens sent recommendations to the new European Parliament and the new European Commission
Last 17th November patients (Pain Alliance Europe, PAE) and citizens (Active Citizenship Network, ACN) called for urgent action for chronic pain management at a national and EU level. At the European Economic Social Committee, they presented data and Recommendations in order to urgently ask policy makers to prioritize chronic pain at an EU level. Read the press release.

More information:
Please find here a video describing the activity carried out by ACN and PAE in the past three years in the framework of Pain patients' pathway recommendations project.

EU: SIP-Societal Impact of Pain Symposium 2014
The 5th Edition of the annual SIP event  (November 17-18th) promoted in Brussels by the European Pain Federation-EFIC was the occasion to have a discussion involving key stakeholders in Europe in order to define what are the needs to ensure that chronic pain and palliative care become long term EU and National Health priorities. Read a press article (IT version).

Italy: Cittadinanzattiva opens the Italian Ministry’s report presentation on pain treatment
The annual Report of the Ministry of Health sent to the Italian Parliament on law no. 38/10, the law establishing the right to not suffer, starts with data provided by Cittadinanzattiva-Tribunal for Patients’ Rights, demonstrating the strong commitment of Cittadinanzattiva on the topic. Download the document (IT version).

Italy: opioids use as pain treatment has increased by 48% in the last three years
This is what emerged from the Report sent by the Italian Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, to the Parliament concerning the current implementation level of Law no. 38/10 on the access to palliative care and pain therapy. Read more (IT version).

Humanization in pediatric and obstetrical hospital departments: a civic assessment
It is a big research done by National Agency for regional healthcare services (Age.na.s) and the Agency of Civic Evaluation of Cittadinanzattiva involving 287 treatment centres, 286 local associations, 241 équipes and 594 citizens all over Italy. The assessment was presented in Rome last November 7h The focus was on pediatrics and obstetrics, but also on emergency, multiculturality, intensive therapy and “hospital without pain”.
In Italy, the topic of “humanization of treatment” was put this year for the first time in the Operational Plan led by Italian Ministry of Health called “Pact for Health 2014-2016” that invites regions to do all necessary interventions that has to do with structural, organizational and communicational aspects of care. This plan also includes drafting an annual program of humanization of treatments with at least one project activity concerning professionals training and organizational changes. Read more (IT version)

Italy: Cittadinanzattiva was awarded for its commitment on palliative care
Last December 1st, Antea Onlus, an Italian association created to assist patients in the final state of their diseases, awarded the national coordinator of Cittadinanzattiva - Tribunal for patients' rights for his commitment in the diffusion process of a palliative care culture. Read more (IT version).

Italy: 30 young researchers awarded for their work on pain treatment future
The 1st edition of the project “Young Against Pain” awarded 30 under-40 Italian researchers. The three winning projects participated to the 15th World Congress on Pain and will be involved in research activities at the University of Parma. Read more  (IT version).

Network News

Spain: 2nd Edition of the International School for Patients and Families with Pain
The initiative was organized last 3rd October in the venue of the Island Council of Menorca by the organization “Sine Dolor” Watch the video (ES version).

Spain: new association of professionals of pain
During the third meeting  of the EMNIPRE (European Multidisciplinary Network in Pain Research and Education) it has been founded the Asociación Profesional Española de Médicos Especialistas en Dolor (APEMED) in order to unite all doctors who deal with pain management in the private sector. Visit the website (ES version).

International Awareness Campaign

Fight the Fakes: Announcement of new Partner, FIP
After Active Citizenship Network, a new partner join the worldwide campaign to fight fake medicines: the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP). For more information, visit www.fightthefakes.org and follow the campaign on Twitter (@FightTheFakes).


2nd -3rd  December, Rome (Italy): Promoting patient safety and quality of care: Policies and funding to support EU Member State
The event is organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery – “Sacro Cuore” Catholic University, in collaboration with European Commission (DG SANCO), with Consumers, Health and Food Executive Agency - CHAFEA) and with the Italian Ministry of Health. The patients’ perspective on the topics to be discussed will be provided by Cittadinanzattiva. For more information, please contact: servizio_ricerca@rm.unicatt.it

9th  December, Prague (Czech Republic): Citizen Debates about Europe: “Civil Society and Philanthropy”
The event wants to share successful fundraising as way of philanthropy and support of the civil society activities: donors and giving (corporate, individual donors, EU support of the civil society etc.). It is organized by Neziskovky.cz, p.b.c and it is part of the EU project ”JoiEU” in which Active Citizenship Network is partner. For more information, please contact Ludmila Hasmanová.

15th – 16th December, Rome (Italy): Civic Dialogue to strengthen Eu citizenship
The European Branch of Cittadinanzattiva Active  Citizenship Network (ACN) will participate to the work of “Civic Dialogue to strengthen European Citizenship”. The main topics will be: equality and dialogue among citizens and young leaders involved in the active citizenship. To know more, please see the website.

18th  December, Rome (Italy): “Law 38/10, palliative care and pain therapy”
Cittadinanzattiva  will participate in the event organised by The Italian Society of hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical services of primary (Società Italiana di Farmacia Ospedaliera e dei Servizi Farmaceutici delle Aziende Sanitarie – SIFO) on the clinical governance of patients affected with pain, on the appropriateness of therapies and on equal access  to palliative care and pain therapies. Read more.


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