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Year 4th, number 44 - December 2016



The reasons of our commitment in Cyprus
Active Citizenship Network, in partnership with civic societies and patient organizations, is committed to strengthen the protection of patients’ rights in Europe. At the same time, we strongly believe that empowered patients and their organisations are a resource and not a cost: for this reason, we have been pleased to cooperate at national level in Cyprus with the Universal Patients' Rights Association in the framework of the EU project “Patients’ Voice”, supported by EuropeAid Programme of the European Commission. Read more

More information on the EU project “Patients’ Voice”:
To read more about the project, click here
To visit the official website of the project, click here
Click to download the brochure and the poster of the project


Patient Rights in northern part of Cyprus and the story of UPRA, a pioneering organisation
Universal Patient Rights Association (UPRA) was founded in 2002 in northern part of Cyprus in order to raise awareness about patients’ rights, advocate for enactment of the EU Charter of Patients’ Rights in the country. Our organisation is directly supported by North Cyprus Thalassemia Association, Association for Persons with Orthopaedic Disability and Help Those with Cancer. These CSOs are three of most prominent health organisations within the Turkish Cypriot Community.
When UPRA was founded there was no specific law, legislation or charter for the protection of patients' rights in North Cyprus and unfortunately the situation remains the same, as the draft law prepared by UPRA and which was submitted by the Health Administration in 2008 became obsolete with changing governments. Read more

Study Visit in ITALY

On 7-10 November 2016, a Cypriot delegation of 10 people was hosted in Italy by Active Citizenship Network for a study visit in the framework of the EU project “Patients’ Voice”. The trip was meant to give them a practical insight on protection of patients’ rights, advocacy techniques and strategies and policy building. The 4-day visit included classes and meetings with several representatives of Italian associations with an expertise in the health field. The tours in local hospitals and exchange of views with health professionals and medical directors were also of great interest and appreciated. To learn more:
Read the programme and download the presentations
Read the interviews and biographies of participants
Watch the photo gallery on FB


Emete İmge - President of Universal Patient Rights Association
İmge is an activist and a volunteer in the Cyprus Turkish Civil Society since 1993. She was one of the founders of Cyprus Turkish Diabetes Association and Universal Patients’ Rights Association (UPRA). She is currently serving as the president of the Universal Patients’ Rights Association.

Ahmet Varoğlu - North Cyprus Thalassaemia Society
Ahmet is ınvolved in North Cyprus Thalassaemia Society since 1988 working for awareness for Thalassaemia in our country.
Our major aim is to get best treatments for Thallasemic patients for quality life and also to raise awareness to increase blood donations.

Ayşe Zeki - Refugee Rights Association - MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Ayşe is board member of the Cyprus Turkish Medical Chamber and is currently the president of Refugee Rights Association in North Cyprus. She is also an active member of the education committee of the Association for a Traffic- Accident-Free Life. She serves as a member of the Prime Minister’s Commission on Fight against Drugs and Probation Committee for Drug Related Crimes.

Beran Erkmen Küfi - Representative of Ministry of Health
Beran is a chemist by education. In 1996 she applied to Ministry of Health and started to work in State Laboratory as a Chemist. After 2013 I began to work in Ministry of Health coordinating EU studies within the Ministry. During 2014-2015 I worked as a health attaché in İstanbul. Now she is back in Cyprus in the Ministry of Health again.

Günay Kibrit - Cyprus Turkish Orthopedic Associaiton
Kibrit began working as a civil servant in 1987 and was retired in 2015. Kibrit is physically disabled from birth and is bound to a wheelchair. He became active within the Cyprus Turkish Orthopedic Associaiton from 1989 and served at different positions and since 2013 Kibrit is serving as the president.
He is a basketball player and between the years 2006-2010 Kibrit has served as the president of the Sports Federation of the Disabled.

Remzi Tinazli - Cyprus Turkish Free-Lancer Doctors Association
Remzi is a privately-employed rhino laryngologist working at a University Hospital and has been an active member of Cyprus Turkish Free-Lancer Doctors Association (CTFLDA) since 2004. The CTFLDA was established in 1985 and since its establishment the Association has been working on transformation of the problematic Turkish Cypriot healthcare system into a patient-oriented mechanism in harmony with universal health laws.

Erhun Şahali - Private sector representative on UPRA’s board member
Since many years, Erhun has been active in numerous civil society organisations and acted as founding member or board member. At the moment, he is involved in private sector and is running his own business in Famagusta.

Emine Çolak - Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation
Emine is one of the founders of the Turkish Cypriot Human Rights Foundation established in 2005 and served as its president for 10 years. The Foundation’s aim and activities include monitoring and improving the level of respect for human rights in northern part of Cyprus.

Beran Dağtaş Djemal - Patients’ Voice project Communication and Advocacy Officer
Djemal has been active in the civil society sector for more than 10 years and was one the founders of Cyprus Community Media Centre which serves to more than 30 organisations in Cyprus across the divide. Djemal worked in numerous right based projects both professionally and voluntarily and focuses her work on designing advocacy and awareness raising campaigns for improvement of human rights in Cyprus.

İzlem Sönmez – Patients’ Voice Project Manager
Since 2006 İzlem started to work at the Management Centre of the Mediterranean and had the chance to be involved in bi-communal projects which were funded by EU and UNDP-ACT as a Project Coordinator. Afterwards, she continued her career as a Communication and Press Relations Manager in Cyprus International University. During her career she worked voluntarily in several CSOs that actively working on advocacy.


European Commission approves new financial assistance programme for the Turkish Cypriot Community
The European Commission has approved a new €33 million financial assistance programme for the Turkish Cypriot community. This renewed funding is the continuation of a successful EU-funded programme with particular emphasis on the economic integration of the island and on improving contacts between the two communities and with the EU. Read more


February 1, 2017, Brussels (Belgium): The engagement of Citizens in Sustainable Energy. Sharing successful experiences across Europe
The conference is organised by Active Citizenship Network and it is dedicated to the consumers’ engagement across Europe in the fields of sustainable and renewable energies. Indeed, last May, the European Parliament voted the Resolution on delivering a new deal for energy consumers (2015/2323(INI)) in which citizens will play a more active role in getting the goals of the new European energy strategy.
The main aims of the event are to provide and analyse the point of view of citizens and their active participation in this context, presenting experiences focused on civic participation; at the same time, the event also intends to highlight the different consumer engagement strategies from projects supported by Intelligent Energy Europe Programme.
Last, but not least, the conference will be the occasion to present the experience of “Citizenergy” platform to the European Institutions and the relevant stakeholders. Read more

February 2-3, 2017, Jerez (Spain): VII International Multidisciplinary Days for the Treatment of Pain
The initiative is promoted by IETID (Instituto para el Estudio y Tratamiento Integral del Dolor). For further information, please contact the Secretary of the event: Miguel Magai

This newsletter is one the activities in the framework of the project “Patients’ Voice”.
This project is funded by the European Union and implemented by the Universal Patient Rights Association and the Active Citizenship Network.

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