International & National celebrations for the European Patients’Rights Day

Look at some examples of hundred initiatives all around Europe. The European Patients’ Rights Day has become a fixed appointment in to improve patients’ rights in Europe and in each Member State!
Please, if also you would like to add your event for the celebration of the European Patients’ Rights Day in your Country, write to Daniela Quaggia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


In the age of COVID-19, the European Patients’Rights Day (EPRD) on the 18th of April 2020 represented an opportunity to send messages of hope and commitment, from the different healthcare stakeholders partners of ACN, on the protection of the health of the European citizens. Here below you can find the all the realized videos.


2020 image001
MEP Sara CERDAS (Portugal), S&D

2020 image002
MEP Miriam DALLI (Malta), S&D

2020 image003
Jasna Karačić
Permanent Representation of Croatia to the European Union (Croatia)

2020 image004
Nathalie Moll
Director General, European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA)

2020 image005
Paul De Raeve
EFN’s Secretary General
European Federation of Nurses Associations

2020 image006
Eduardo Pisani
CEO, All.Can International

2020 image007
José Luis Baquero Úbeda
Director – Coordinator Cientifico
Foro Español de Pacientes (Spain)

2020 image008
Maria Teresa Flor de Lima
Coordinator of the Scientific Council of Chronic Pain Patients Association of Azores

2020 image009
Emete Imge
President of Universal Patient Rights Association (Cyprus)

2020 image010
Neil Betteridge
Strategic Adviser
European Alliance for Patient Access (EAfPA)


2020 image011
Claudia Tecglen
President of “Convives con Espasticidad” (Spain)

2020 image012
Ilaria Giannico
Secretary General, European Union of Private Hospitals (UEHP)

2020 image013
Paula Mouta
President of European Association of Educational and Preventive Health in Epigenetics (Portugal)

2020 image014
Elena Moya
Vice President of Asociación Española Contra la Meningitisn (Spain) and Regional Coordinator of Confederation of Meningitis Organizations (CoMO)

2020 image015
Stephen McMahon
Director, Irish Patients' Association (Ireland)

2020 image016
Arlinda Shehu
Together for Life (Albania)

2020 image017
Jordi Moya Riera
President of the Sine Dolore, European Pain Foundation (Spain)

2020 image018
Gerald Bachinger
Lower Austrian Patient and Nursing Advocate & speaker of the Austrian Patient advocates (Austria)



2020 image019
MEP Sabrina PIGNEDOLI (Italy), NA

2020 image020
Antonio Gaudioso
Secretary General Cittadinanzattiva (Italy)

2020 image021
Irene Schembri
National Patients' Organisation - Malta

2020 image022
Anke van Dam,
AFEW International

2020 image023
Mariano Votta
Active Citizenship Network

 Statement from MEPs Interest Group “European Patients' Rights and Cross-border Healthcare

2020 image024 2020 image025
2020 image026 2020 image027

Initatives at European Level  

HEALTH EUROPA (20 April 2020): European Patients’ Rights Day: nurses delivering direct patient care


Initatives at National level

LUSS Ligue des usagers des services de santé Read more  

HERA Read more (BG)
Blagoevgrad Read more (BG)

Trend TV Read more (HR)
Association for the Promotion and Protection of Patients' Rights' Zadar Patient ' Read more (HR) & Read more (HR)
Croatian Union of Nurses - Medical Technicians Read more (HR)

Conférence régionale de la santé et de l'autonomie des Hauts-de-France Read more (FR)
Psytoyens Asbl – Concertation Des Usagers En Santé Mentale Read more (FR)
Maison médicale Trooz Santé ASBL Read more (FR)
Village de la Justice  Read more (FR)
Centre Jean Perrin Read more (FR)

Vedem - Civilian for Vaccination 
2020 image028

Asociacija Ausvis   Read more (LT)

Fondazione Nutricia Read more (PL)
Rakoniewicki Read more (PL)

Entidade Regulaora de Saude Read more (PT)
DIARIO AS BEIRAS (16 Apr 2020): Covid-19: Fórum europeu debate pandemia, direitos dos doentes e saúde educativa (PT)

Pharmaceutical World Read more (SR)

AOPP Read more (SK)
Liga Proti Rakovine (Lpr) Read more (SK)

Somos Pacientes Read more (ES)
SomosDisca  Read more (ES)
2020 image029
Ministerio de Asuntos Exteriores, UE y Cooperación Read more (ES)
Autismo Galicia Read more (ES)
Junta De Castilla Y León - Consejería De Sanidad  Read more (ES)
Diainternacionalde  Read more (ES)
DEBRA  Read more (ES)

2020 image030

Plataforma de Afectados de Hepatitis C de Madrid (PLAfHC Madrid) Read more (ES)
La Rioja Read more (ES) and  Read more (ES)
Escuela del Salud y cuidados Read more (ES)
ILERNA on line Read more (ES)
A voces de carabanchel Read more (ES)
En familia AEP Read more (ES)
FEDOP Read more (ES)
Happylegs Read more (ES)
Texum Fisioterapia Read more (ES)
SAE Read more (ES)
Prevensystem Read more (ES)
20 MINUTOS Read more (ES)
Emerita Neuro Read more (ES)
Embajada de España en Chile Read more (ES)
GNdiario Read more (ES)
Junta de Andalucia Read more (ES)
Manifiesto Por Una Medicina Más Humana, Que Mira A Los Ojos Y Escucha Read more (ES)
IVI Global Education Read more (ES)
ConSalud (18 Apr. 2020): Sanidad y Europa: el difícil camino hacia un modelo sociosanitario europeo (ES)

EPECS-European Empowerment for Customised Solutions - Message of the Board: 

Dear Citizens, you and I are hit by a virus, spreading world wide on our tiny planet. It urges of all of us to play an active role. As citizens we run the risk to attract the virus and if vulnerable to become patients and eventually to die. On Patients' Rights Day 2020 especially we have a right as patients and citizens to ask of all governments, NGO’s and all companies all over the world to implement long term policies in which citizens as potential patients are much better protected. This includes implementing all over the world Corporate Social Responsibility and the SDG’s of the United Nations. The virus makes clear that viruses and bacteria are a very serious threat to mankind if we go on the way we did it up to now. It was a money making market in China where the virus this time jumped from animals to man. It are the rough mechanisms of the free market that makes us using large amounts of antibiotics in the meat industry worldwide, killing ourselves in the long run with resistant bacteria. We focus to much on Profit, forgetting the Planet and the People. Let's stop this insane behaviour of ours, ruining our Planet and the People!

On behalf of the Board of EPECS, Jo Maes, Chairman, 18th of April 2020

Extra EU

Fundación Argentina del Tórax Read more (ES)


Albanian Patients’ Rights Day 2019
Last 18 April, in occasion of the European Patients' Rights Day,  Mrs. Arlinda Shehu, Program Manager at Association "Together for Life", historic partner of Active Citizens Network, talked for TV SCAN about the respect of the patients' rights in Albania and the work done by "Together for Life" for the protection of such rights. Listen the interview in national language.

Arlinda Shehu, Program Manager at Association "Together for Life"

Albania: Respect for patient's rights, respect for life
The Albanian Charter of Patient’s Rights was approved by Order of the Minister of Health in December 2010. In the framework of the European Day of Patients 'Rights, "Together for Life", historic partner of Active Citizens Network, presented the Study on Patient Challenges with Hemophilia, and supported a media campaign to raise the voice of respecting patients' rights. To know more, click here (video in national language).

Bulgarian Patients’ Rights Day 2019
Bulgarian Association for Patients' Defense, partner of Active Citizenship Network, published in national languages communication material regarding the European Charter of Patients' Rights. To download the documents click here.

Cyprus Patients’ Rights Day 2019
The Minister of Health, on behalf of the President of the Republic, addressed the event organized by the Cyprus Federation of Patients’ and Friends’ Associations, on the occasion of the European Patients’ Rights Day, at the Presidential Palace. To know more, click here.

Irish Patients’ Rights Day 2019
In occasion of the Irish Patients’ Rights Day organized in Dublin last May 14th by the Irish Patient Organization, Antonio Gaudioso, Secretary General of Cittadinanzattiva, received a special award for his substantial work and commitment for Patients’ Rights.  Read the programme of the initiative and listen a radio-interview of Gaudioso.

Antonio Gaudioso together with Stephen A. McMahon, Co-founder and Director of the Irish Patients Association

Italian Patients’ Rights Day 2019
Over 50 initiatives throughout Italy promoted by Cittadinanzattiva-Tribunal for Patients' Rights on the subject of waiting lists. To know more, click here (IT language).


At European Level  
European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Read more 
European Federation of Nurses Associations  Read more


At National level

Cittadinanzattiva in more of 40 cities Read more

La LUSS, la Ligue des usagers des services de santé Read more
Vlaamspatienten platform Read more
H. Hartziekenhuis Mol  Read more
Lokeren Market Read more
Christelijke Mutualiteit Read more

Kap Read more

Ombudsman Read more
Lex Medica Read more
Health Forum Read more  Read more
RHIF Read more
Center for Reproductive Health "Dr. Vasil Daskalov" – Plovdiv Read more

Prava pacijenata - ogranak Zadar Read more
Ljekarna Pharmacy Read more
Hrvatski Radio Read more
Ombudsman Read more
Coalition of Health Associations & Europa Donna Croazia Read more and Read more

Pancyfian Federation of Patient and Friends Associations (PPSFF) Read more 
Health Minister Read more

Diabetesliitto Read more
Helsinki e Uusimaa Hospital District (HUS) Read more
District Hilkka Manner Read more
Soite Read more

France Assos Santé Read more 
ASL Liga – Ligue SLA Read more 
Clinique Charcot Read more
Conférence Régionale de la Santé et de l'Autonomie des Hauts de France Read more 
La Maison des Usagers du CHPA-CHIAP Read more 
Agences régionales de santé du Nord-Pas-de-Calais et de la Picardie Read more 
Hôpitaux du Pays du Mont-Blanc Read more 
Hospices Civils de Lyon Read more 
Groupe Hospitalier Mutualiste Les Portes Du Sud Read more 
Centre Hospitalier Victor Jousselin de Dreux Read more 
Clinique Saint Antoine Read more 
Concours national « Droits des usagers de la santé » Read more

General Hospital of Imathia Read more
General Hospital "George Papanikolaou Read more
General Hospital Papageorgiou Read more
General Hospital of Tolemaide  Read more

State Center for Mental Health Read more

Malta Medicines Authority Read more
Malta Health Network & No Pain Foundation Read More

Ombudsman  Read more

Serviço Nacional de Saúde Read more
National School of Public Health della New University of Lisbon (ENSP-NOVA) Read more
Ordem Sao Francisco do Porto Read more
Alzheimer Portugal Read more

Hon  Medik  Read more

Plataforma de Pacientes Read more
Pediatria social Read more
AENOR Read more
Clinicas Vitaudio  Read more
Organizazion medica collegial de Espana Read more
Escuela de Salud y Cuidados de Castilla-La Mancha Read more
Sindicato de Enfermería (Satse) Read more
Asociación Pheipas Read more
INCIBE Read more
Hospitales San Roque Read more
Asociación Española de Portadores de Válvulas Cardíacas y Anticoagulados Read more
Federación Española de Cáncer de Mama (FECMA) Read more
EAM Hospital Read more
Federación Española de Diabetes (FEDE) Read more
Hospital Guadarrama Read more
Terapia Psicológica Read more

And much more….
Some of the clippings and articles about the conference:
Observatory of Adherence to Treatment from Spain Read more (ES)
Italia Oggi Read more
IAPO Read more
EHMA Read more
Juponline  Read more
Atlas dasaude Read more


At European Level 
The International Federation for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Read more
International Diabetes Federation Read more

In Italy
Cittadinanzattiva and its 108 events Read more

In France
Le Collectif Interassociatif Sur la Santé Read more
Clinique du Parc France Read more
Agence régionale de santé (ARS) Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Paca) Read more
Centre hospitalier du val d’Ariège) et le CHPO (Centre hospitalier du pays d’Olmes) Read more
Centre Hospitalier de Valence France Read more
Federation De L'Hospitalisation Privee (Fhp) Read more
Hôpital Européen Read more
Saint Thomas Read more
Polyclinique les Fleurs Read more.
Polyclinique des Alpes du Sud Read more
Centre Hospitalier du Haut Bugey Read more

In Belgium 
LUSS Read more  or
Le SPF Santé publique Read more
Droits Quotidiens Read more
Cliniques del Europe Read more
Jolimont Group Read more
Clinique Bénigne Joly Read more
Centre Hospitalier du Haut Bugey Read more
Chu Brugmann Read more
Christian Mutuality (CM) Read more

In Spain
La Plataforma de Organizaciones de Pacientes Read more
Federación Nacional de Enfermos y Trasplantados Hepáticos, Read more
Consejo General de Colegios de Fisioterapeutas de España Read more
Generación Elsevier Read more
Residencia Sierra de las nieves Read more
INNOMEDYX knowledge in action Read more
Europe Direct Region De Murcia Read more
LA NUEVA CRÓNICA (17 Apr 2017): Poco que celebrar en el Bierzo en el Día Europeo de los Derechos del Paciente (ES)

In Croatia.
Croatian Association for the Promotion of the Rights of Patients   Read more
KUZ-u Read more
Parents of young diabetics Read more

In Greece
Ιησώ Read more

In Slovakia
WHO Slovakia Read more

In Portugal
A news from the NHS Read more
Acoriano Oriental 20-05-2017

In Finland
Tietosuojavaltuutetun toimisto Read more

In Kosovo
Kosovapress Read more

In Bosnia-Erzegovina
Kliničkog centra Univerziteta u Sarajevu (KCUS) Read more

In Ukraina
Diabetes Federation Ukraina Read more

And much more….

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