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Year 1th, number 5 - November 27, 2012

Clinical trials: patients willing to make their data available to benefit other patients

Less concerned about privacy and much more interested in recovery from illness and solidarity with others, cancer patients in 6 countries are willing to disseminate clinical data about their illness.
This is what happens with clinical trials. Italian privacy legislation (Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003) contributed significantly to ensuring respect for a patient’s right to confidentiality, which was vociferously demanded by them and by charters establishing patient rights.Read more

By Teresa Petrangolini, Director of ACN


New EU Partnership on Pain Patient Pathways Recommendations

Pain Alliance Europe (PAE) representing chronic pain patients in Europe, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) and Grünenthal have entered into an official partnership on the development of European Pain Patient Pathway Recommendations. The projects will run until December 2014 and aims to create a greater awareness of chronic pain and to promote European policy-making for improved management of chronic pain. Read more Please also read the European Press Release

Other information:

Patients' Rights

Public health spending in Europe drops for first time since 1975

The full effects of a decline in public health spending in Europe are still not visible, public health experts say following a report showing that European public health spending is falling for the first time since the 1970s. Read more

Consumers' Rights

DG SANCO: Borg's confirmation leaves Socialists split over gay rights

Tonio Borg was confirmed by European lawmakers in Strasbourg but the Socialists & Democrats (S&D) group was left divided after its decision to reject the Maltese candidate for the job of EU health Commissioner was ignored by MEPs. Read more

Public consultation on how best to contribute to high-quality and sustainable urban transport and mobility.

Public consultation on how best to contribute to high-quality and sustainable urban transport and mobility.
The European Commission wishes to explore with the public and all other relevant stakeholders on how best to contribute with targeted EU-level action to high-quality and sustainable urban transport and mobility for all users in the 27 EU Member States. In the consultation you are asked to express your opinion on the relevant challenges identified by the Commission's services. Additional contributions, e.g. through position papers, should be sent to the email address MOVE-APUM@ec.europa.eu. Read more

MEPs back harmonised rules for cross-border consumer litigation

The European Parliament has shown overwhelming support for a Commission proposal to help businesses and consumers resolve cross-border legal disputes in a vote in Strasbourg yesterday. Read more

Nursery in Italy, Europe is far

European targets are still far about the kindergartens. A key tool – that of the structures designed to accommodate children – to guarantee support for women’s employment and the birth rate, which is still widespread in a very different way on the Italian territory. This is the scenario emerging from the dossier by Cittadinanzattiva’s Observatory prices & rates about the supply of municipal facilities. The research takes into account the availability in various areas (provinces, provincial capitals and regions) the lines of frequency, based on data from the Ministry of the Interior and those taken from the VI monitoring conducted by Cittadinanzattiva. Read more

Civic Activism

Italy: X National Day for the safety in the schools
On the 23rd and 24th of November the National day of safety in schools took place, promoted by Cittadinanzattiva with 5 thousand initiatives in schools across Italy and the direct involvement of more than 1 million students.
The national day of mobilization for school safety is the highlight of the campaign information and awareness “IMPARARESICURI” which since 2002 is held every year on the 25th of November in hundreds of Italian schools. Read more

To be a volunteer it is enough just a little gesture!

This is the principal lesson learned by the winning team of the video contest “Discover a new world: volunteer!”.
Four Romanian youths were in Rome on the 23rd of November to the celebration of their  price giving in occasion of the  National Day of Schools’ structural safety. 
This is the final event of the European Project "Future Active Citizens: volunteering as an exercise of democracy" Read more

See the pictures

We are Listening – Enter theVoices4Climate Competition

Connect4Climate, in collaboration with MTV and TerrAfrica, invites you to enter Voices4Climate, our latest competition for the best climate photos, videos, music videos, and podcasts.
In the run-up to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 18) in Qatar this December 2012, the Voices4Climate Competition invites young people from all over the world to submit photos, videos, and music videos that tell powerful climate change stories. Start shooting, snapping, reporting, and rapping and tell us: how is climate change affecting your country? Your community? You, your friends, and your family? Do you have a cool idea for a local solution?
Each photo, video, or music video entry must tell a climate change story related to one of these eight categories: Agriculture, Cities, Energy, Forests, Gender, Health, Jobs and the Green Economy, and Water. For more information about the competition and rules, please click here. Read more

2013 has been officially named "The European Year of Citizens"

20 years after the introduction of EU Citizenship, the year will focus both on what has already been achieved for citizens and on meeting citizens' expectations for the future. The decision by the European Parliament and the Council on the proposal by the European Commission was published in the Official Journal last 23 November 2012. Events throughout the European Year will explain how people can directly benefit from their EU rights and which policies and programmes exist. The European Year will also stimulate an EU-wide debate with citizens about what the European Union should look like in the future and which reforms are needed to improve their every-day lives. Read more

Europe Social Innovation Competition 2013 Prize

The Competition is open to everyone (individuals, organisations or groups) established or resident in EU Member States and in countries having established an agreement to participate in the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme. Ideas and proposals from all sources, sectors and all types of organisations including for-profit, non-for-profit, or private companies are welcome. Read more. Email: prize2013@socialinnovationcompetition.eu


EIOPA Consumer Strategy Day, Frankfurt, 4 December 2012
EIOPA’s second “Consumer Strategy Day” is taking place on 4 December 2012 in Frankfurt. European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority is part of the European System of Financial Supervision consisting of three European Supervisory Authorities and the European Systemic Risk Board. It is an independent advisory body to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Read more. Email: consumerstrategyday@eiopa.europa.eu


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