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Year 3th, number 29 - May 2015

Europe is our Home and our Future
Between a trip to Brussels to take the measurements of the office and another to buy the necessary furniture, the big day is coming up. The opening of Cittadinanzattiva’s representative office at the European Union in Brussels marks an important historical moment in the 37 years of our organization. An operation conducted personally by the Secretary General Antonio Gaudioso, who should be given credit for having followed-up to his statement at the National Congress of Chianciano Terme in June 2012 that “Europe is our home and our future, and it has extraordinary spaces to enhance thirty years of work of our organization and, at the same time, open our minds by comparing it with the best civic experiences from other countries”. The best way to give meaning and substance to these words is by "taking up a house" in Brussels, even though it’s rented. Read more

Mariano Votta
Director of Active Citizenship Network


Cittadinanzattiva/ACN opens an office in Brussels
The representative office to the EU of Cittadinanzattiva and its European branch, Active Citizenship Network, will have the opening ceremony on next 12th May.
For Cittadinanzattiva it represents a new and relevant effort. Above all, it shows how important for our work and strategies is the European dimension.
The office is at Rue Philippe Le Bon 46 and the opening will be from 6pm onwards.
We would appreciate it very much if you would join us at the opening!
Please confirm your participation by registering on: http://brusselsinvitation.eventbrite.it.
For further information, click here or write to: brussels@activecitizenship.net




The European event of the 9th edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day will take place in Brussels at the European Parliament on 12 May 2015.
The topic of the event will be the sustainability of healthcare systems focusing on what concerns chronic diseases. In particular, on different but complementary main aspects such as the responsibility of different actors involved in sustainable healthcare systems and the role of prevention and innovation. Read more

More information:
Make it Official!
European Patients’ Rights Days, what has been done in the past editions
European Charter of Patients' Rights

ACN contributes to an amendment to the "Safer Healthcare in Europe Report"
Suggested measures to improve patient safety, inter alia by tackling growing resistance to human and veterinary antibiotics by using existing treatments more responsibly and promoting innovation, are set out in a Health Committee resolution voted last 14th April. “It's a very important result which will provide a quantum leap in European healthcare and help preventing a major death toll” said the lead MEP Piernicola Pedicini (EFDD, IT), whose recommendations were unanimously approved by the Health Committee. Among others, it was also voted the amendment proposed by Active Citizenship Network, focused to recognize the value of citizens’ initiatives, such us the European Charter of Patients’ Rights based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and the European Patients’ Rights Day. The vote in the European Parliament plenary session is scheduled for 19th May. The final version of the Report will be available in the next days. To download the draft “Report on safer healthcare in Europe: improving patient safety and fighting antimicrobial resistance” click here.

Internship in EU affairs in Brussels and Rome
Are you interested in an internship in EU policy? Active Citizenship Network is looking for young people to be involved in “Active for Young Professionals” programme. Read more



Cagliari (Italy): 9th European Patients' Rights Day
On Friday 8th May 2015, at the hospital "Businco" of Cagliari from 9.00 to 14.00, the local section of the Tribunal for Patients' Rights-Cittadinanzattiva celebrated the 9th European Patients' Rights Day at the local level with a public event entitled “Open Hospital: a way to improve ‘Welcome’”. Read more (Italian version)

Spain: Extend patients’ rights at the end of their lives
Just like last year, the Spanish association AFDMD-Asociación Federal Derecho a Morir Dignamente (Federal Association for the Right to Die with Dignity) commemorated the European Patients’ Rights Day on 18th April 2015. Their goal is to extend patients’ rights at the end of their lives. To know more visit the website (Spanish version). 


Corporate Social Responsibility: 2015 data published
Business in the Community has released its annual benchmark of responsible businesses, called  the Corporate Responsibility Index (CR Index). The announcement of the XIII Edition of the CR Index 2015 has been timed to coincide with the  Responsible Business Week (20-26 April 2015), an annual initiative to increase awareness of the positive contribution of businesses in the society. For more information, click here.


May 7-9, in Menorca (Spain): Sine Dolore World Park
From May 2015, the island of Menorca will become the first theme park in the world dedicated to pain management: Sine Dolore World Park (SDWP). The opening coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Mediterranean Multidisciplinary Pain Forum, which will continue to be the core of the event, where specialists from around the world will contribute in the presentations and panel discussions with the most innovative techniques and experiences in the treatment of pain. Active Citizenship Network will present data and recommendations collected  at the European level related the patients' right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain”. Read more (Spanish version). 

May 19, Rome (Italy): Meeting of experts in the field of  “hard-to-reach adults”
The initiative will involve experts coming from Italy, France, UK, Israel and Romania and aims to find new ways for long-term unemployed adults to break out of difficult situations. Instead of waiting to land a job, they should create skills to build their own life and economy by taking action through their community, turning challenges into opportunities. The initiative is led by Fondazione Risorsa Donna and it’s realized in the framework of the EU project “The Break Out or Break Down” financed by the European Commission. Read more (Italian version)


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