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Year 3th, number 24 - August-September 2014



The beginning of international dimension of Cittadinanzattiva
After few years from the first mission of Cittadinanzattiva in Colombia, today we welcome our network “Corporación Tribunal de Derechos” of Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. It is a new civic subject involved in the protection of citizens’ rights as a result of the work of many active citizens of one of the most beautiful city in Latin America, Cartagena, who found in the local institutions and universities, the international organizations  (ONU) and Cittadinanzattiva a support to their will to be involved in the protection of common goods and public services of their city.
For Cittadinanzattiva, this new member of our Network is a reason of proud and satisfaction and it demonstrates that at the end of a project, the civic involvement and commitment has not stopped. Read more

Mariano Votta
Director Active Citizenship Network


The committment of Cittadinanzattiva in Colombia
To contribute to the growth of civic dimension in Colombia to reach a higher and better level of protection of the rights of users in the field of public services and health care. With this ambitious goal, in January 2009 Cittadinanzattiva embarked for Latin America, ready to export to protect the rights and promotion of civic participation from the top of a thirty-year experience, but also aware of the delicacy of the challenge which has been called to.
This experience was realized from 2009 to 2012 by Cittadinanzattiva and the United Nations Development Programme/Colombia within the ART-REDES Programme and with the financial support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy. Read more

More information:

- Description of the project “Derechos y Desarrollo” (“Rights and Development”) (ENESIT version)
- A brief Colombian context, San Juan de Pasto and Cartagena de Indias (ITES version)
- Videos
- - Video on Healht Sector
- - Video on Public Services
- Communication tools
- Press Release
- Photos
- Final Report and summary
- Perspectives for the future (ITES version)
- Download the document “Participación ciudadana y servicios públicos


Cartagena de Indias
Interview with Cruz María Esquivel, President of Corporación Tribunal de Derechos de Cartagena de Indias, who can update us about the activities that are carried out by the protection centers opened in the city thanks to the collaboration among civic society, United Nations, Cittadinanzattiva and local institutions. Read more (ENESIT version).

Interview with Larry Javier Laza Barrios, coordinator of the Primary Care Centre in the neighborhood of “La Esperanza”, the healthcare provider that hosts the Tribunal for Patients’ Rights of Cartagena. Read more (ENESIT version).

More information:
Launch of the Tribunal for Patients' Rights in Cartagena. Watch the video
Activity of the Tribunal for Patients' Rights in Cartagena. Watch the video

Interview with Nayibe Flòrez Hernandez, Director of the Legal Advice Center of the Fundaciòn Universitaria Tecnològico Comfenalco who tells us about the students commitment in the Tribunal for Patients’ Rights of Cartagena back office. Read more (ENESIT version).

From Law student to advisor for the rights protection: interview with Rafael who can tell us his experience as active citizen at the Tribunal for Patients’ Rights of Cartagena. Read more (ENESIT version).

In the interview with Inés Villadiego, from the Cartagena Municipality (Department of Social Services), she gives us her point of view on the healthcare situation and the activity of the institutions of civic participation (Veedurías) of the Cartagena district. Read more (ENESIT version).

More information:
Encuesta sobre riesgos de corrupción en el sector salud en Colombia. Download the Report and the summary

Riesgos de corrupcion en el sistema de salud colombiano: Estudio de caso Cartagne de Indias

Manual del vocal de control

Manual de Comités de Desarrollo y Control Social

The Colombian Charter of Patients' Rights
The Charter highlights 12 rights to make the protection of patients’ health effective and it is the result of citizens will. It was proclaimed in 2011 as activity of the project “Derechos y Desarrollo” with the contribution of Cittadinanzattiva. Read more and download the Charter (ES version) and watch the video.

How to manage a Citizen Advisory Center on Public Services and Health. Practical Handbook for active citizens
The handbook is written to formalize ideas, principles, procedures and actions supporting the work of citizens engaged in civic participation and rights’ protection, which took place in Colombia through the project “Derechos y Desarrollo”. Read more and download the handbook.

More information:
Presentation of the Citizen Advisory Center on Public Services in Cartagena. Watch the video
Presentation of the Citizen Advisory Center on Public Services in Pasto. Watch the video

San Juan de Pasto
Inauguration of the Citizen Advisory Center on Public Services. Watch the video

Department of Chocó
Interview with Alberto Andres Henao Ramirez, young University student who is also a promoter of  “Causa por la Refundación del Chocó”. He knew us because of our work in other Colombian areas (San Juan de Pasto, capital of the Nariño district and Cartagena de Indias, capital of the Bolívar district). He wishes there could be a new mission of Cittadinanzattiva in Quibdó, capital of Chocó district. Read more (ENESIT version).

More information:
“Manual básico del lider refundacional”. Download the document and read more

Interview with Gladys Lavagnino, President of "Dimensiones de Derechos Humanos", association of Buenos Aires in contact with the international network of Cittadinanzattiva, Active Citizenship Network. Read more (ENESIT version).

Interview with Wilson Gomiero, committed for the patients’ right protection as President of FEBRAPEM-Federação Brasileira de Associações civis de Portadores de Esclerose Multipla. Read more (ENIT version).

Annibale Quaresima, member of the National Management Board of Cittadinanzattiva, is in Mexico, motivated by his personal civic commitment to be involved in problem of human rights of those immigrants who cross the country to reach USA, a new but not sufficiently known reality.
In this context there are some citizens associations that try to protect immigrants’ rights and lives, also with the support of immigrants shelters (albergues).
His blog Rotte Boreali contains comments, information and testimonies of immigrants hosted in these shelters.

More information: (IT version)
Messico, le strade dell’esodo
“La 72″, casa per migranti di Tenosique, on the border with Guatemala 
“Casa-rifugio Tochan” a Città del Messico
by Annibale Quaresima, Cittadinanzattiva Toscana onlus

Caravana de Madres Centroamericanas buscando a sus migrantes desaparecidos (ES version)

The “European Charter of Active Citizenship” sets out the rights and duties of civic organizations that participate in the decision-making processes related to public policies. Promoted by FONDACA and Active Citizenship Network between 2005-2006, the Charter  has overcome the European borders, as demonstrated by the citations in this document: “Civil Society Partnerships and Development Policies: Emerging Trends”, commissioned by UNESCO and written by International Federation of University Women, and “Redesigning local democracy”, published by the Local Government Community Development and Services Association of Australia. Read more and download the European Charter of Active Citizenship (EN - IT version).


Cittadinanzattiva and its international branch, Active Citizenship Network, joins as Partner of “Fight the Fakes”
Cittadinanzattiva has decided to become a partner of the Fight the Fakes campaign because it provides continuity and a global dimension to the activities in the field of drug counterfeiting and access to accurate information which have already been priorities at national-level in Italy over the years for Cittadinanzattiva. Read more

More information:
Health comes with a click

Financial transaction Tax
As member of the Italian Committee promoter of the “Campagna005”, Cittadinanzattiva also promotes the introduction of a tax on financial transactions (TTF) on each buying and selling of financial instruments. This tax was thought to discourage the opportunistic behaviors of the financial speculators who want to make money out of purchases and sales, doing thousands of operations in the same day and earning out of little prices fluctuations.
The “Campagna 005” would give the revenue generated by the tax  to welfare, development for cooperation and fight against climate change activities. Read more

As a partner of the campaign, Cittadinanzattiva promotes the activities carried out by Connect4Climate, a campaign, a coalition, and a community involved in climate change fighting. Watch the video emphasizing the World Bank Group's call to #TakeOn climate change to end poverty shown at airports all over the US.


Italy: The Italian Coalition against poverty
Supported by more than 10 millions of Italian citizens , it puts together more than 70 organizations, associations, trade unions and Italian and International civic society movements.
The main objective of the Italian Coalition against poverty (in which Cittadinanzattiva participates) is to give voice to the needs and requests of the Southern countries of the world in order to take them also to the European Union, International community and to G8. The Italian Coalition against poverty (Global Call To Action Against Poverty - GCAP) is contributing to build the framework that in 2015 will substitute the   
Millennium Development Goals. Visit the website and download the “Global Call to Action against Poverty” (IT version) 

Italy: cooperation professionals are divided at the private sector entrance
More than 400 professionals of the field participated to the survey done by Info-cooperazione.it, the Italian blog of the international cooperation professionals. The 58% of voters are against and the 42% are in favour. Read  more (IT version)


14 October, Tirana (Albania): “Social Enterprises' Development”
Partners Albania-Center for Change and Conflict Management is organizing a cross-border debate on the Development of Social Enterprises. The conference is part of the “Joint Citizen Action for a Stronger, Citizen-Friendly Union” (JoiEU) project, in which Active Citizenship Network is a partner. The debate will include sections on Social Enterprise and employment, the environment for social enterprises in Albania and in the EU and will outline good practices. Read more

16 October, Brussels (Belgium): EuropaBio Patients Bio-Forum
International experts representing industry and patients associations will meet on October 16th in Brussels to take part in the Forum organized by EuropaBio in which the European Network of Cittadinanzattiva, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) is partner. Among the topics of discussion there is the introduction of a New EuropaBio Code of Conduct of cooperation between industry and patients associations. Read more

16-18 October, Vienna (Austria): “1914-2014: Lessons from History? Citizenship Education and Conflict Management”
The 2014 NECE Conference will address challenges in Europe against the background of its history of war and conflict in the 20th century. It will try to understand how citizenship education can deal with the big variety of conflicts in and around Europe nowadays. Read more

16-17 October, Venice (Italy): International Symposium on Sustainability
Alcantara S.p.A, is organizing an international symposium titled Sustainability and the New Automotive Value Chain. Some of the established players in the automotive industry will be represented. The World Bank also features at the event, as well as some experts from academia and Active Citizenship Network representing the point of view of citizens at European level. Read more

17 October, Barcelona (Spain): II° Annual Conference of the Advisory Council of Catalonia Patients
In 2012 the Minister of Health of Catalonia promoted the Advisory Council of Catalonia Patients, a permanent organ of consultation and participation of the representatives of patients of Catalan healthcare system in the process of elaboration, decision and development of  Department of Health policies. On October 17th, the Council will organize its Second Annual Conference under the slogan “sharing to improve”. Active Citizenship Network has been invited to participate in order to bring the experience in the field of patient participation in health policies, at both national and international level. Read more (ES version)

22 October, Dublin (Ireland): New Guidelines for Nurses and Social Care Workers on E-Health services
Active Citizenship Network will participate on October 22nd in the ENS4Care General Assembly where new guidelines on new technologies for prevention and E-Health concerning nurses and other health professionals will be presented. For more information, please see: www.ens4care.eu

17-18 November, Brussels (Belgium): 17SIP Symposium 2014
The timing of this year SIP symposium is scheduled to coincide with the Italian Presidency of the EU council as during this period for the first time ever all EU Health Ministers will be discussing the societal burden of Chronic Pain and Palliative Care and  will be actively debating on how to address this health policy priority in the next years. Click here to the registration website.


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