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Year 3th, number 31 - July 2015

Presidents of two EU parliamentarian groups invite MEPs to take part in the Interest Group on EU Patients’ Rights and Cross-border care
Last week in the European Parliament, the Presidents of two parliamentarian groups have written an official letter to all the MEPs inviting them to take part of the new Interest Group on “European Patients' Rights and Cross-border Healthcare”, which Secretariat is led by the Representative office to the EU of Active Citizenship Network.
The idea to encourage a MEPs Interest Group focused on patients’ rights was promoted by Active Citizenship Network last May 2015 at the European Parliament during the IX Edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day. Read more and download the official letter


Why the MEPs Interest Group “European Patients' Rights and Cross-border Healthcare”?
The idea to encourage a MEPs informal Interest Group focused on patients’ rights is linked to the widespread request of more than 100 civic and patient organizations sent to the EU Parliament to recognize officially the value of citizens’ initiatives, such us the European Charter of Patients’ Rights based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, and the European Patients’ Rights Day, which has been organized every year on April 18th since 2007 at local, national and EU level. 
A request launched last May 2015 at the European Parliament during the IX Edition of the European Patients’ Rights Day, and already included in the “Report on safer healthcare in Europe: improving patient safety and fighting antimicrobial resistance (2014/2207(INI))", approved unanimously on 16th April 2015 by the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee first, and then in plenary by the European Parliament in 19th May 2015. Read more

More information:
The aims of the MEPs  Interest Group

Patients' Rights

The Patient Research Exchange is now Live
The Patient Research Exchange is a group of people representing many different experiences and geographies who are dedicated to exploring how the patient perspective can improve participation in and the effectiveness of research. The website is a place for people interested in active patient-centered research to exchange ideas, experiences, resources, and perspectives. Cittadinanzattiva is the only Italian organization participating through its European branch, Active Citizenship Network. Read more

DG SANTE launches the EU Health Award
The initiative started on 11th June and the deadline for applications is 31st July 2015. This prize is aiming to honour three nongovernmental bodies who distinguished themselves through their efforts and exemplary commitments during the Ebola Outbreak, and that have been or are still active in the fight against Ebola. Read more

Pain Management in Nursing Practice: Shelagh Wright’s book includes Active Citizenship Network’s initiative on chronic pain
Based on the curriculum developed by the International Association for the Study of Pain, this book offers an essential guide to managing pain in nursing practice. In particular, in the chapter “Pain and human rights”, the author highlighted the importance of the European Charter of Patients’ Rights, promoted by Active Citizenship Network in 2002 in which it is stated the patients’ right to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain. Also, the author summarized the main aspects of the Civic Survey on the Respect of Unnecessary Pain: Patients’ Rights in Europe carried out by Active Citizenship Network and Pain Alliance Europe at EU level in 2013. Read more

IAMAT joins as Partner of Fight the Fakes
The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) is the new partner of the Fight the Fakes campaign, in which Active Citizenship Network is already involved. IAMAT is an organization that aims to make the world a safer and healthier place for travelling. For more information about campaign partners, and for all updates, resources and stories on fake medicines, click here.

Support Uruguay in the fight against tobacco and Philip Morris through Pulmonale’s Petion
Pulmonale promotes a petion to support Uruguay against Philip Morris and smoking. Having the right to protect the health of the population, Eastern Republic of Uruguay is waging a struggle in International Instances against Philip Morris concerning the intention to limit advertising on tobacco packages. Active Citizenship Network has signed their petition and invites all the members of GLCC to sign and divulgate it. To sign the petition click here (Portuguese website).

Consumers' Rights

Italian Consumers Organization wrote to the EU Commissioner Vera Jourovà
In occasion of the European Consumer Day of last March 16, the main Italian Consumers Organization involved in the “National Council of Consumers and Users”, consultative group at the Ministry of Economic Development,  wrote to the EU Commissioner on Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality in order to recall the attention for a greater involvement of consumer associations of all the member states. Read more and download the official letter in IT language.

Civic Activism

Intercultural Innovation Award, open until 30 September2015
The Intercultural Innovation Award, edition 2015, searches for grassroots projects around the world promoting dialogue and cooperation among people from different cultural backgrounds. The organizations that are interested must apply online by Wednesday, 30 September 2015. Read more

An 18 years old rewrites the European Constitution
Francesco Ros, an Italian teenager, decided to revise the basic principles of the EU constitution according to his own vision, take the best ones of some member states, and write down 79 articles offering a political, social and cultural EU of tomorrow. His objective is to create a United States of Europe with its own Constitution, defending and promoting freedom, equality, safety, dignity, work and health. His book reached the most important Italian and European institutions.  Read more (Italian website)

U-Impact: from citizen involvement to their political impact
Increasing the impact of the initiatives, promoted by citizens, in the decision process within the European Union. With this ambitious objective, 9 countries have begun a new project called  “From Citizen Involvement to Policy Impact (U-Impact)”, which is supported by the EU Program “Europe for Citizens”. Cittadinanzattiva is the only Italian civic organization involved in this project participating through its European branch, Active Citizenship Network. Read more

Co-deciding with Citizens: Towards Digital Democracy at EU Level
In response to the open consultation on the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), ECAS has formulated recommendations aimed at creating an enabling framework for Civil Society Organizations engagement in the region. The purpose of this publication is to explore complementary methods to existing forms of interaction between citizens and policy-makers at EU level which foster co-decision processes using the Internet and Web 2.0 technologies. Read more


September, 4-7, Denver (USA): Global Lung Cancer Coalition 2015 Annual Meeting
As delegate of the Coalition, Cittadinanzattiva through its EU branch Active Citizenship Network will attend the Annual Meeting of the Global Lung Cancer Coalition in USA. Read more

September, 15-16, Brussels (Belgium): Cushing’s disease in the age of the Cross-border healthcare
Active Citizenship Network will participate as discussant in the European workshop entitled “Building a network, breaking the barriers: Cushing’s disease in the age of the cross-border healthcare”. The event will gather clinicians from the main European centres of excellence and national and European stakeholders in order to create awareness on Cushing disease (CD), the most common cause of endogenous Cushing Syndrome, and discuss on the relevance of the Directive on Patients’ Rights in Cross Border Healthcare, which foresees the creation of Centre of Excellences Networks on rare diseases.

September, 17-18, Milan (Italy): Modernization of healthcare systems
Active Citizenship Network will take part as discussant at the Congress on Health Systems Modernization and Health Sustainability held by the European Union of Private hospitals. The conference will aim to exchange on the content and goals of the EU strategy 2014-2020, considered as a priority by both Member States and the European highest offices. Read more

September, 18, Bucharest (Romania): Debating the Rights of EU Citizens Abroad
In the framework of the EU project U-Impact, Active Citizenship Network will participate as discussant to the EU webinar held by the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau. Read more

September, 21-22, Island of Krk (Croatia): EU panel on equity crowdfunding renewable energy
In the framework of the EU project “Citizenergy-European citizens for renewable”, Active Citizenship Network will participate to the EU seminar focused on the new European platform for citizen investment in renewable energy. Read more

September, 25, Florence (Italy): the heritage of Fausta Deshormes La Valle
The International Conference on the construction of a European civil society with gender equality will focus on reducing the distance between citizens and the European institutions and it will look at the relation between the European institutions and civil society with regard to gender equality in Europe, particularly women's organizations and women’s European networks. Read more


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