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Year 2th, number 16 - November 26, 2013
Special Edition on the Directive 24/11 on Cross Border Care

Directive on Cross Border Care: current concerns and possible future scenarios
Directive 24/11 has a positive plant, and it can become a tool not only to heal traveling, but to claim that in every place of care, in every state, region or local health services, there is the possibility of having equal rights of access to treatments, information on the free choice, innovation, quality and safety of care, to the complaint.
For this reason, patients' associations have shown clearly that the innovative potential expressed by the Directive is strong and thus they are committed to work for its implementation. Read more
By Mariano Votta, Director of Active Citizenship Network

More information:
The  “Manifesto for the implementation of the Right of European Patients to make an informed choice”
ACN drafted the “Manifesto for the implementation of the Right of European Patients to make an informed choice”, because it believes that the implementation of this principle, contained in the Directive (art. 4 § 1.b), shall allow all patients to access services better adapted to their personal requirements, both abroad and in their own country/region. Read more and subscribe it!

More information:
Health and rights of European citizens
By Antonio Gaudioso, General Secretary of Cittadinanzattiva


The patient involvement in the Directive 24/11 transposition: the state of the art from the patients’ association point of view
As many of the provisions of the Directive are optional, much depends on the way the Directive is implemented. For these reasons, a number of associations from ACN's network from different European countries and other stakeholders deemed of paramount importance to work together in order to be involved by their national institutions and to actively monitor the processes of adopting  and implementing the Directive. Read more and download the full report

The involvement of the organizations classified into three types
A brief summary of the information produced by associations clearly shows that the behavior of the various Member States, compared with the involvement of citizens and patients’ organizations can be classified into three types. Read more

Be cured abroad: what happens today in Italy, in the picture provided by the Report PiT health
The Report PiT health is the main instrument through which Cittadinanzattiva-Tribunal for Patient Rights every year provide a photograph of the National Health from the point of view of the citizen. Here are the problems faced by citizens in mobility for treatment abroad.  Read more

Directive 24/11: Public events all around Europe organized by ACN partners
To discuss with the national Institutions, inform the public opinion and to compare their experience with the ones coming from other Countries, civic and patients Associations linked to Active Citizenship Network have promoted public events in Malta, Latvia, Italia, Greek, Poland. Read more

Directive 24/11: what the Associations recommend to the EU Institution
At European level, Active Citizenship Network addresses the EU Institutions so that they become facilitators and guarantors. Read more

The information from the EU Commission
The EU Commission produced a short video to inform patients about their rights, and to advise them on things they should consider before going abroad for treatment. You can also find a leaflet, the principal Questions&Answers on the Directive and the list of the National Contact Point. Read more

Informative leaflet on the Directive produced by the EU Commission: let they know if you would like some printed copies
Do you want to know the opportunities that the new Directive provides citizens who want to be cured in another state? The DG SANCO has prepared a simple leaflet “'To know before you go” in different languages, and associations are invited to apply to receive one of it. For your convenience, we have provided a letter found on our website: complete it and send it directly to: SANCO-Cross-Border-Healthcare@ec.europa.eu

Your Health rights in the EU: Commissioner Tonio Borg answered to citizens' questions
During the Single Market Month’s chat sessions, citizens had the opportunity to ask their questions, make their suggestions, show their concerns with the Commissioners. Read the chat regarding health: main issue is patients' rights in cross border healthcare, including right to go to another EU state for healthcare and be reimbursed for it, recognition of prescriptions, quality and safety of care, safety of pharmaceutical products, etc.


Brussels, 18 December: “Moving in Europe: Meeting the challenges of European Citizens' mobility from a civic point of view”
Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network is scheduling a EU conference on mobility and passenger rights. The event will be the occasion for a constructive dialogue among citizens, institutions, public and private companies, from data and recommendationsemerged from the civic process of participation and consultation made. Read more and visit the project Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship.


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