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Monthly Newsletter edited by Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network
Year 11th, number 111 - February 2023

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ACN is pleased to invite you on March 14, 2023 to a double EU training event which will focus on two different but complementary topics: improving health literacy & protecting the value of access to care for better public and patient involvement in mitigating COVID.
This activity – realized in the framework of two projects: “Improving health literacy for better public and patient involvement in mitigating COVID-19 pandemic using interactive and intuitive educational tools” & “Protecting the value of access to care during - and after - the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: focus on antivirals” - is addressed to representatives of Patients Advocacy Groups (PAGs) & civic associations coming from the EU. It will allow to provide a common set of updated information, to share information, to identify lessons learned but also to get feedback from PAGs.

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The engagement of Cittadinanzattiva in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic




Health needs in inner areas, between medical desertification and NRRP”: our Report presented!
On 19 January 2023, at the European Commission Representation in Italy, took place the conference "Health needs in inner areas, between medical desertification and NRRP". The event, organized within the framework of the European project "Action for Health and Equity: Addressing Medical Deserts" (AHEAD), aimed to explore health needs in the country's inner areas starting from the difficult access to care, also caused by medical desertification, and how the resources provided by the NRRP can be an encouraging response to the needs of local communities. It started from the instances gathered in the two territories in which the AHEAD project has conducted pilot experiences: Piedimonte Matese in Campania and Avola-Noto in Sicily, to broaden the discourse to a national character. During the conference was also presented a Report, which also contains specific regional focuses, drafted by Cittadinanzattiva, starting from official data provided by the Ministry of Health related to 2020, regarding the following health care figures: pediatricians, general practitioners, gynecologists, cardiologists and pharmacists (the latter three hospitalists) for each Italian province. Read more

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- The Report, which also contains specific regional focuses, can be downloaded at this link (IT)
- To download the infographic, click here (IT)
- To watch the event recording, click here (IT)
- To read the conference programme, click here
- To watch the video message of Anna Lisa Mandorino, Secretary General at Cittadinanzattiva, click 
here (IT)
- To watch the video message of MEP Patriciello, click here. (IT)
- To read the press release, click here
- To watch the podcast, click here (IT)
- To watch the photo gallery on FB, click here
- To know more about the Italian “Strategy for Inner Areas” click here.
- To know more about the EU Project AHEAD, click here (EN – IT)
- Press articles: more than 100 articles published in Italy, to download a selection click here.
- Audio/video news/interviews (all in IT language): TG1 Mattina (21 Feb.2023, from min. -36.07 to 28.10), Agorà RaiTre (3 Feb. 2023); TAG24 (24 Jan. 2023, article & audio interview); QuiFinanza (20 Jan. 2023, article & video).


Patients' Rights

AHEAD at work
How many doctors are there in your city? The emergency health database.
Pediatricians for children, gynecologists for women, hospital cardiologists and general practitioners: there are fewer and fewer of them and they have to take care of an increasing number of patients. But the situation changes from city to city. Discover how your province ranks based on data compiled by Cittadinanzattiva. Published by the weekly magazine l'Espresso, Cittadinanzattiva's database was created thanks to the European project "Action for Health and Equity: Addressing Medical Deserts" (AHEAD), based on numbers provided by the Ministry of Health, and tells that the crisis of doctors is dramatic, but not everywhere in the same way. Read more (IT)

The adherence to treatment one of the main victims of the Covid-19 pandemic: synergies to tackle unmet needs of chronic patients are needed
While infections and hospitalizations in Europe are currently at a minimum, the consequences of the pandemic in terms of NCD are not yet evident. As demonstrated by Active Citizenship Network at the EU webinar "Therapeutic adherence during the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: impact, experiences and perspectives from PAGs & relevant stakeholders," reduced treatment adherence was one of the main side effects of the pandemic.
Therapeutic adherence is critical to achieving positive health outcomes in patients with chronic diseases, and Covid-19 has had a major impact on treatment plans for chronic patients. During the European policy dialogue event organized by Active Citizenship Network on 31 January 2023, where the impact of the pandemic on treatment adherence was discussed with a multi-stakeholder approach, experts reflected together to find synergies to address unmet needs. To know more about the event (programme, speakers’ list, documents, etc.), click here

To know more:

- Click here to watch the event recording
- To watch the video message of MEP Sabrina Pignedoli, click here.
TrendSanità (2nd of Feb. 2023): Coinvolgimento dei pazienti e sanità digitale al servizio dell’aderenza terapeutica dopo la pandemia (IT)
International Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health Research (Published date: 11 April 2022): Encouraging Across Europe the Civic & Patient Advocacy Groups’ Engagement in The Implementation of National Resilience and Recovery Plans to Reduce the Burden of Covid-19 Pandemic on NCDs Patients’ Therapeutic Adherence
- EU Project “Therapeutic adherence during the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: impact, experiences and perspectives from PAGs & relevant stakeholders” (
Edition 2021 – Edition 2022)
The Engagement of Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network on Therapeutic Adherence at the national & at the EU level


Publication of the report on "AMR feasibility study on stockpiling"
Just published the report presenting the results of the “AMR feasibility study on stockpiling” commissioned by HERA. The report constitutes a key ‘Preparatory Action’ for the setting-up of HERA, covering the intersection of two designated HERA priority areas – the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and stockpiling efforts for Medical Countermeasures. It therefore fits into the context of broader EU efforts to better understand and address shortages of existing antibiotics, as outlined in the new Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe and the EU AMR Action plan. For the download, click here and here.

WHO launched a global online consultation on AMR
WHO is calling for input on the draft People-centred framework for addressing antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the human health sector. The target audience for this consultation includes both experts and organizations working in the field of AMR at the country, regional, and global levels.
Deadline is 14 of March. Read more

Shingles is a painful condition caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox. Anyone can get it, but it's most common in older people, with the highest burden of disease in those aged 50 years and over. Despite this, shingles is vaccine-preventable. 
Most adults will remember childhood encounters with chickenpox. Many never think about the fact that the very same virus can cause shingles later in life. 1 in 3 people will develop #shingles in their lifetime and may develop serious and long-lasting complications, impacting their quality of life as a result. Active Citizenship Network is happy to support the communication campaign led by our partner, the International Federation on Ageing (IFA), in collaboration with GSK, to raise awareness of shingles and its associated risks. Read more.

New partnership with Maltese PAG
Active Citizenship Network is glad to announce that an official Memorandum of Understanding has been signed with National Patients' Organisation - Malta. The motto of this Patient Advocacy Group is: “Empowering Patients – Working With not For Patients”.
National Patients' Organisation - Malta is an active participant in national and international health care discussions, and stands for patient advocacy for everyone, patients’ rights & responsibilities, health, environmental health promotion for all. NPO-Malta provides its members the opportunity to become an empowered patient for a healthy and better quality of life.
NPO-Malta was honoured by the presence of H.E the President of the Republic of Malta who accepted the invite sent to attend for the inauguration of this new NGO, that was held in the Year 2018.  Active Citizenship Network was also invited to attend. Since years, ACN and NPO-Malta cooperate in initiatives at local & EU level, also within the EU Parliament. Read more.

Consumers' Rights

#BioReCer EU project website launched!
We, as one of the partners, are pleased to announce the launch of the #BioReCer EU project website. BIORECER aims to ensure the environmental performance and traceability of the biological feedstock used by bio-based industries by deploying guidelines to strengthen the current certification procedures. Through this approach, bioproducts' added value, use, as well as social acceptance will be increased. In BIORECER, Cittadinanzattiva-ACN will work in WP4 and WP8, mainly dedicated to communication and dissemination and stakeholders’ involvement. Take a look and Join us HERE in the stakeholders' group, to bring your point of view!

Civic Activism

Petition to the European Parliament for the respect for international law, EU values and fundamental rights.
Cittadinanzattiva joins the petition to the European Parliament on the respect for international law, EU values and human rights promoted by the European Movement Italy. Sign the petition - by February 23 - by sending an email to: segreteria@movimentoeuropeo.it. To download the document, click here.

Clippings, Interviews, Web & Press Articles

HEALTH EUROPA QUARTERLY (31st Jan. 2023, issue 24, pag. 124-127): The value of investing in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

HEALTH EUROPA QUARTERLY (31st Jan. 2023, issue 24, pag. 82-85): Towards the “Global health charter” from a citizen’s perspective

HEALTH EUROPA QUARTERLY (31st Jan. 2023, issue 24, pag. 52-53): Are we doing enough for adult immunisation?

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR EQUITY IN HEALTH (27 January 2023): Interventions to reduce cancer screening inequities: the perspective and role of patients, advocacy groups, and empowerment organizations.


2 March 2023 | Roundtable: “The vaccines’ contribution to unmet medical/public health needdefining the future of vaccine innovation and access in the EU”
In the current EU policy context, and taking the evolution of science and society needs, Vaccines Europe will organise a close-door virtual roundtable event on Thursday 2 March 2023 from 14:00 to 15:30 CET, co-hosted with MEP Cristian Silviu Bușoi, with representatives of the whole healthcare ecosystem, as well as EU and national policy-makers, to discuss potential implications of the adoption of UMN definition for both future of vaccine innovation and access to vaccination in the EU. Active Citizenship Network has been invited in the roundtable discussion. Read more.

7-9 March 2023 | Trieste (Italy): ProMIS Winter School
The Programma Mattone Internazionale Salute - ProMIS is organizing from March 7 to 9 the Winter School entitled “Le Politiche di Coesione e la sfida dei Sistemi Salute regionali” (cohesion policies and the challenge of regional health systems). The initiative aims to provide participants with a concrete and detailed insight into cohesion policies, the main investment policy of the European Union, and the main tools supporting the transformation and innovation of local health ecosystems as well as economic, social and territorial cohesion for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Please find more details and a link to register here.

9 March 2023 | EU Parliament, Brussel (Belgium): Redefining the role of self-care in Europe
The event, hosted by MEP Stelios Kympouropoulos, will be an occasion to discuss the great potential of self-care and launch a recently developed White Paper on ‘Redefining the role of self-care in Europe’ identifying 10 recommendations to remove the barriers, empower widespread adoption of self-care, and reduce the burden placed on national healthcare systems. The White Paper will be released during the event. For the registration, click here.


16-17 March 2023 | Basel (Switzerland): 7th AMR Conference
Active Citizenship Network has been invited in the session of the opening session of the annual AMR Conference led by BEAM Alliance. The #AMRconference is a platform for SMEs, start-ups, big pharma, academia, investors and public institutions to discuss strategies and the specific challenges faced by SMEs in bringing new antimicrobial treatments and diagnostics to the market. Read more.

23 March 2023 | Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation on vaccine-preventable cancers
As associated organisations of the Coalition for Vaccination, Active Citizenship Network has been invited to join the webinar organized by the European Commission. The webinar is part of a series of consultations to support the preparation of a Commission proposal for a Council Recommendation on vaccine-preventable cancers. The proposal aims to help EU Member States address vaccine-preventable cancers with a focus on increasing the uptake of vaccination against Human papillomaviruses (HPV) and Hepatitis B virus (HBV).

29-30 March 2023 | Vaccine Virtual Days
Active Citizenship Network has been invited to the 4th edition of the Vaccine Virtual Days. While ACN was already involved in the panel in 2022, this year we will take part in a session around the “Voice of the Patient” on March 30th, in order to bring discussion around the patient journey to vaccination and the relationship between HCPs and patients. Organized and funded by GSK and intended for Healthcare Professionals, Vaccine Virtual Days is a unique opportunity to join the global conversation on vaccinology with the international healthcare community, and learn about the barriers, challenges, and future of adult immunisation. Feel free to register to the event via this link.

20-21 April 2023 | Antwerp (Belgium): “Assessing the health burden of vaccine-preventable infections in European Adults: challenges and opportunities”
As independent advisor of the Adult Immunization Board (AIB), Active Citizenship Network has been invited to join the AIB technical meeting, which will be held April 20-21, 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium.
The purpose of the first AIB technical meeting is to identify and discuss the challenges and opportunities when assessing the health burden of vaccine-preventable infections (VPIs) in European adults. As advisory board member, Active Citizenship Network will also join the AIB advisor meeting on Wednesday, 19 April 2023 at University of Antwerp.
The Adult Immunization Board will bring together European vaccinologists, epidemiologists, opinion leaders, policymakers, public health and health care professionals of different specialties, patient groups, professional medical and paramedical organizations. Read more.

24-28 April 2023 | Transformation Literacy Week 2023: Governance and Democracy
The necessary turnarounds for a sustainable and regenerative future are still possible, but require trust-based governance processes and structures that focus on societal wellbeing and equity as a basis for transformation. The Collective Leadership Institute Germany, partner of Active Citizenship Network, hosts a three-day online conference with international experts. The focus will not only be on the WHAT needs to be transformed, but also on the HOW can we make this happen? The conference language is English and it starts 24 April 2pm. For the free registration, click here.

26 April 2023 (tbc) | EU Parliament, Brussels (Belgium): European Patients’ Rights Day 2023
Advance Therapies Medicinal Products in Europe: combining sustainability, innovation and respect for patients' rights
Also this year, Active Citizenship Network will celebrate European Patients' Rights Day - which has reached its 17th edition - with a European Conference hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels in April.
The 2023 edition will be dedicated to the theme of ATMPs, with the aim of being a collector of the best and most advanced experiences existing at a European level on this topic, catalysing the best professionals and the highest institutional authorities that are touched by the issue in their own areas of responsibility and intervention.
From the research towards a growing number of ATMPs to their use once approved, the unifying themes seem to be essentially the following: sustainability, innovation, equity. To these, from our point of view, two further elements must be added, which should also be taken into account as drivers in choices having to do with ATMPs: respect for and reinforcement of patients' rights. It is no coincidence that the issue of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products is related to several rights set out in the European Charter of Patients' Rights, which is at the heart of the EPRD celebrations.
Read more and follow us to be informed soon about all the relevant details.

To know more about ACN’s commitment on the topic:

- "Securing Equitable Patient Access to Advanced Therapies across Europe"
- "Advanced Therapies Medicinal Products revolution & the respect of the patients' right to access to care": the Call to Action signed by more than 40 Patients' Advocacy Groups (PAGs).
- HEALTH EUROPA (5th January 2023): The value of investing in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

27 April 2023 | Stockholm and online: How to make progress on tackling AMR? Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance in Medical Practice
Despite a decrease in total antimicrobial consumption in both the primary care and hospital sectors in the EU, AMR remains an unsolved challenge. That is why the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME) and the Swedish Medical Association (SMA) decided to join forces and facilitate a discussion on “How to make progress on tackling AMR?” with a focus on medical practice. For further information, please contact CPME.


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