In line with its long-term commitment on therapeutic adherence, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) launched in the second half of 2021 a EU project with the aim to better contribute – starting from citizens’ and patients’ perspective – on understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the therapeutic plans for chronic patients. The ultimate goal is to enhance the actions and reactions implemented by PAGs and relevant stakeholders in front of the community of experts and institutions.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is placing a huge strain on health systems worldwide. Suggested solutions like social distancing and lockdowns in some areas to help contain the spread of the virus have highly affected special patient populations like those living with chronic illnesses who require regular revisits, follow-ups, check-ups, prescription refills, routine care, and medicines management but are unable to access healthcare facilities. Also, the increased likelihood of being infected at hospitals has forced most patients to avoid their health facilities for physician consultations.

With hospitals overburdened with COVID-19 cases, it is essential that patients with chronic conditions stay at home, if possible, both to avoid infection and keep emergency rooms free for people experiencing coronavirus symptoms. At the same time the health systems have to guarantee them continuity in their therapeutic plans. In the face of the current pandemic, our commitment, as an NGO working also at the European level, is to address and respond to the following questions: What are the main needs/difficulties of patients in following their therapeutic plans? Was there a correct and clear information? What is the contribution and the experience on the field of the various actors in the health sector (GPs, community pharmacists, nurses, etc.) in meeting the needs of patients with chronic diseases to ensure them the therapeutic adherence they need? What are the best practices implemented to date? What are the recommendations to make for the update of national chronic disease plans in general and, in particular, for the national plans to combat the pandemic? What is the role of Digital Health? What is the contribution made by PAGs? What are the challenges faced by chronic disease patients during COVID-19? What are the lessons learned for the health systems?

The EU project consisted along 2021 in creating, implementing, and spreading an EU online survey realized with the contribution of a scientific committee and addressed to PAGs and patient organizations coming from different European countries. The questionnaire asked about the impact of Covid-19 on adherence to therapies and access to healthcare systems in their context, based on their experiences and on the information that they received.

Why a survey? To listen directly, from patient associations and PAGs, about the needs and difficulties experienced by patients with whom they are in touch, starting from those people who suffer from chronic diseases, due to the restrictions that this emergency imposes, and to intercept any problems and phenomena that still didn’t emerge, on which there is not enough attention in the public debate. 

The project has been realized thanks to the support of

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To know more about the commitment of Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network on therapeutic adherence, click here.

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Last update: December 2021

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