Informal networks promoted by ACN

In developing its activities at the European level, Active Citizenship Network has also promoted informal networks. In particular, one brings together all those, mostly young people and former university students, who over the years have had a volunteering, internship or even work experience in support of Cittadinanzattiva's European policies.

A second informal network, instead, - supported by PAGs - is composed by healthcare managers concretely engaged in carrying out good practices across Europe in the field of struggle against severe & chronic pain. Part of this informal network, as honorary members, are the winners of the ACN Award "EU Civic Prize on Chronic Pain - Collection of good practices."


ACN Community
Active Citizenship Network’s Community, shortly “ACN Community”, was initiated in 2020 as a development of the “Active for Young professionals” program, launched back in 2014.

This community distinguishes itself as a network of individuals rather than a network of associations aiming at fostering the relationship of ACN with the single individuals that ACN has met and gotten to know in the last years through the program.

In order to keep in touch with these people, the Community allows all its members the opportunity not only to remain in contact with the network itself but also to interact with each other. Furthermore, reuniting all the interns and volunteers who collaborated with ACN through the years within an informal network to continue to cooperate with them as well as provide them help and support throughout their professional paths makes the initiative mutually beneficial for both ACN and individuals themselves. Read more.


Pain Euro-Mediterranean Coalition


The “Pain Euro-Mediterranean Coalition” has been promoted as a joint initiative by Sine Dolore European Pain Foundation and Active Citizenship Network, and officially launched on June 2016 during the event realized at the EU Parliament “Pain therapy and the degree of patient’s pain in the age of cross-border healthcare”, receiving the support of the MEPs Interest Group “European Patients' Rights and Cross-border Healthcare ”.

The Coalition is neither a new association nor an EU umbrella organization but is regarded as the “the first civic Hub-incubator of best practices against pain across Europe”, an informal network composed by managers concretely engaged to carry out good practices across Europe. In particular, experts and associations included in the coalition have committed themselves to improve quality of life for people suffering from acute and severe chronic pain, raise awareness, fight stigma, and above all reduce the socio-economic impact of chronic pain in Europe by ensuring that the right to avoid unnecessary suffering is guaranteed everywhere and to everyone.
Read more on the Pain Euro-Mediterranean Coalition here.

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