Active Citizenship Network’s Community, shortly “ACN Community”, was initiated in 2020 as a development of the “Active for Young professionals” program, launched back in 2014.

This community distinguishes itself as a network of individuals rather than a network of associations aiming at fostering the relationship of ACN with the single individuals that ACN has met and gotten to know in the last years through the program.

In order to keep in touch with these people, the Community allows all its members the opportunity not only to remain in contact with the network itself but also to interact with each other. Furthermore, reuniting all the interns and volunteers who collaborated with ACN through the years within an informal network to continue to cooperate with them as well as provide them help and support throughout their professional paths makes the initiative mutually beneficial for both ACN and individuals themselves.

Who can be part of the ACN Community?

Students and former interns and volunteers represent only a part of the members of the ACN Community.

Actually, the Community is addressed to all those young people who, with different roles, have been involved in the program “Active for Young Professionals”. These include:

  • youths that have been supported in their studies, especially with the drafting of their thesis;

  • youths that have been given the opportunity to work, either as volunteers or as interns, at the ACN’s headquarters or at the Brussels representative offices, consequently being educated and trained to better develop their professional skills;

Also part of the Community can be all those young people and adults, either patients or not, that have volunteered or cooperated with Cittadinanzattiva to support and promote its work at the national level, and that have then discovered an international dimension and have showed interest in joining the wider, international network of Active Citizenship Network.

What is the aim of the ACN Community?

The members of the ACN Community do not have any kind of burden but may instead receive several benefits and opportunities. In particular, they may:

  • Benefit from it by adding a brief professional profile on ACN’s website and within its wider network;

  • Receive news and updates about ACN activities, as well as invitations to participate to different initiatives, projects, and potential collaborations;

  • Facilitate professional connections among the members, who can contact each other for working opportunities, open vacancies, etc.

  • Follow ACN’s official Facebook page to facilitate connections among the members, dissemination of news, involvement in activities, etc.

To know more:

For other questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

(Updated: December 2021)

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