The reduction of mobility is not an option, but at the same time the transport sector is not sustainable, as reported by the European Commission itself. In this scenario, Active Citizenship Network, with the European project “Mobility, a paradigm of European citizenship” raises a new mobility pattern matching to more effective protection of the rights of travelers, a real involvement of all stakeholders, without which you can not hit the ambitious objectives set at European level.

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Why collect good practices?
Generally we tend to conceive protection of rights as a kind of action aimed to highlight the gap between the expectations of citizens and the status of services, and therefore a violation of situations worthy of protection. In fact, dealing with the protection is much easier to collect bad news than to come across good practices.
In reality, however, because of the constructive nature of the intervention of the citizens, the collection and dissemination of good practices is a fundamental mode of intervention. In fact, it allows:

  • to bring to light the possibility of immediate change in the organization of services, without new laws or particular investments;
  • to enhance and "bring on their side" those who strive to improve their own work;
  • to stigmatize, conversely, negative behaviors, unjustifiable right in front of good practices;
  • to introduce reward mechanisms in the organization of services, aimed at empowering stakeholders;
  • to foster the spirit of emulation of many subjects.

The Report on EU Good Practices

In terms of mobility, the collection of good practices is hardly a novelty, given the growing sensitivity towards this issue by institutions, operators and local administrators.
The importance of this collection lies in the particular perspective of citizens rather than of the institutions, management or technical aspects. Download the document where you can find 45 Good Practices from 8 countries.

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