Cittadinanzattiva/Active Citizenship Network, in the context of the “Active for Young Professionals” program, established two educational partnerships.

The first with John Cabot Universitywas formalized on September 8, 2014 to provide internship opportunities to the university’s students. John Cabot is the main American private university in the heart of Rome for both Italian and international students coming from more than 60 different countries. John Cabot University and Cittadinanzattiva Onlus/Active Citizenship Network both share the common goal to facilitate the intern’s professional choices by providing direct knowledge of the work environment and providing a complete training with appropriate study and work experiences. If you wish to know more about landing a job with an NGO, click here to read the article and click here and here to view the collaboration between ACN and John Cabot University. For further information please read our statement here.

The second agreement with the IES Abroad Italy Foundationwas stipulated on May 9, 2018 with the aim to host young American students for a “Study Abroad with Part-Time Internship” experience in the field of EU Affairs.

Internal and external goals of the agreements

The mutually beneficial agreements give the opportunity to:

  • offer students and graduates a work experience to develop their knowledge on European policies and related topics;

  • promote new competences in the tertiary sector, such as advocacy, networking, and EU affairs;

  • spread a culture of “rights’ protection and civic participation” in a professional way and at an international level;

  • offer young citizens the opportunity to contribute, interact and participate in the construction of a “closer” Europe that should be more democratic, open, richer and united in spite of its cultural differences, in order to develop a “European Union citizenship”;

  • develop among young people a sense of a European identity based on common values, history and culture;

  • spread among young people the activities that Cittadinanzattiva carries out in Italy and abroad. An example is the “Career Fair”, periodically organized by John Cabot University;

  • bolster the activities organized by the European Branch of Cittadinanzattiva, Active Citizenship Network, which deals with European and international policies;

  • strengthen the collaboration with professors to teach and inform students on topics related to Active Citizenship Network’s activities.

Career Fair 2019

Poster of the John Cabot University’s 2019 Career Fair hosting Active Citizenship Network’s logo.


Daniela Quaggia, Senior Project Manager at Active Citizenship Network, interviewing John Cabot University’s students and graduates at the Career Fair.

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(Updated: December 2021)

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