Project Description
In 2014/2015 Active Citizenship Network has been one of the partner of the ENS4Care project:

ENS4Care is a Thematic Network gathering together 24 partners from all over Europe. Its main objective is to share good nursing and social work practices in eHealth services and, through evaluation and consensus building, create a set of guidelines on healthy lifestyle and prevention, early intervention and clinical practice, integrated care, skills development for advanced roles and nurse ePrescribing.

Objective The development of evidence based guidelines for the implementation of eHealth services in nursing and social care, building on existing good practices amongst the participants of ENS4Care, sharing and transferring knowledge across European regions. Ultimate goal The establishment of a sustainable mechanism to support nursing and social care research in the field of ICT enabled integrated care.

Why? The main reasons for doing this are: innovative, high quality,safe and cost-effective national health and social care systems are dependent upon nurses and social care workers designing and implementing high-quality evidence based eHealth services. eHealth services constitute an effective vehicle for managing the challenges and realising the opportunities arising from Europe’s ageing population, longterm conditions, disabilities, non-communicable (NCD) and chronic diseases. 

What for? To deliver person-centred care within a sustainable integrated healthcare system which gives priority to prevention and unites health professionals and social workers in a common endeavour to promote health and well-being.

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The Guidelines:
During the two-year period, the ENS4Care partners have developed the five ENS4Care guidelines and have made them available to the public. The guidelines have been disseminated all over Europe and beyond and have been taken by different stakeholders for further implementation in their countries:

ENS4Care Guideline on Prevention 
This guideline focuses on how nurses and social workers can use technology in a cost-effective way to enhance their practice, empower and educate patients and the public in the prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs). The overall aim of the Network is to make up-to-date and effective eHealth guidance available to health and social care staff and those using their services in accessible formats and foster continuity and quality of care as well as patient safety across all EU Member States and the EEA. Read more

ENS4Care Guideline on Clinical Practice
This guideline builds on the work of the ENS4Care network work stream ‘Clinical practice’ and is concerned with eHealth services to support clinical practice with an individual citizen, a family or a population in primary or secondary health and social care settings. It focuses on the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that nurses and social workers can use to contribute to the delivery of high quality clinical care to citizens in their daily practice. Read more

ENS4Care Guideline on Advanced Roles
The present Guideline is intended at managing decisions about how eHealth services can be usefully deployed in the introduction and development of advanced roles for nurses and social workers in health and social care. Advanced roles for nurses and social workers are being developed in response to increasing and rapidly changing health and social care needs within restricted budgets. Those are seen as the way forward in order to improve access to care and patient outcomes, contain provider related costs and improve recruitment and retention rates through enhanced career prospects. Read more

ENS4Care Guideline on Integrated Care
This is focused specifically on the deployment of eHealth services to support the provision of integrated health and social care services to an individual citizen, family or population in their own home(s) or in primary, secondary health, and social care settings. Integrated care along the care continuum is essential to ensuring optimal outcomes are achieved for all people living in the EU, especially those burdened with chronic disease and complex care needs and who require attention from a range of professionals from primary and secondary health and social care sectors. eHealth is a key enabler for integrated care. Read more

ENS4Care Guideline on Nurse e-Prescribing
The overarching purpose of this guideline is to describe how and where nurse leaders and policy makers (who are the principle intended audience of this guideline) should begin to gain a comprehensive overview of the key processes related to nurse ePrescribing. Information is presented from three differing perspectives – organisational or enterprise view, clinical view (using a patient case study), and informatics view – in order to demonstrate a roadmap that highlights the point that all phases of development need to be considered collectively and sequentially rather than in an ad hoc way. Read more

The project by images: see the video history of the project. It contain also an interview to the ACN Director Mariano Votta (sec 54’’). Click here

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