The third European Patients' Rights Day took place on 18th of April 2009 and was celebrated by 34 citizen and patient organizations arranging more than 80 events in 24 European Countries. There were important national events such as seminars, educational workshops, information stands and handing out information in hospitals, clinics, universities and other public areas.
In addition there was a final European conference held in the Strasbourg Parliament with the active participation of the Healt Commissioner Vassiliou, and MEPs from the various political groups on 22 April the day before the crucial European Parliamentary vote on EU legislature that effected patients' rights (Directive on Patients' rights in cross border care, recommendations on patient safety and recommendations on rare disease).
In this occasion, Commissioner Vassilliou claimed: “I am convinced that the general progression towards the active involvement of patients will help them to benefit more from their health care and help professionals to better understand their patients”, Vassillou said. He continued: “Patients’ rights are the core of the “Europe for Patients” campaign that I launched in September last year. This campaign highlights a number of European Union initiatives on health which are bound by a common goal: Better healthcare for all in Europe”.

Date of the European celebration: 18th of April 2009

Place: Strasbourg Parliament, Strasbourg, France

Under the patronage of:

  • European Parliamen
  • European Economic and Social Committee
  • Androulla Vassilion member of the European Commission

With the support of:

  • PSE
  • Alliance for liberal and democrats for Europe
  • Fondazione MSD
  • Pharma,
  • Rhoce
  • Lilly
  • Sanofi Aventis

National events:


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