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Delivering patient value throughout the healthcare system.
A Debate on citizens' expectations.
9th April 2019 - European Parliament, Brussels

At the occasion of the XIII European Patients' Rights Day, on the 9th of April 2019, a selection of candidates MEP for the new EU Parliament – representing different Countries and 4 different political Groups - have been invited to discuss different priority topics linked to healthcare policies at EU level, including health promotion & disease prevention, the value of and access to innovation.

In these days, a large number of Europeans believe the EU is heading in the wrong direction but we hope to convert that dissatisfaction into democratic zeal rather than political apathy. For this reason, we aimed to transform the Brussels event of the European Patients' Rights Day in a debate on citizens’ expectations about health issues, to ask to candidate MEPs to share their opinions on the challenges for Health in EU 2019 -2024. Indeed, we strongly believe that the reinforcement of the rights established in the EU Charter of Patients’ Rights will become effective only with the cooperation and commitment of all the healthcare stakeholders.

During the Conference an interaction tool enabled interactive Q&A, live polls and insights about the audience, giving to all the attendants – approximately a hundred people coming from different Member States – the opportunity to discuss and ask the MEPs about their future commitment on healthcare issues.

The event provided a civic perspective, putting and recognizing the citizens at the center of health policies, not only as “users or consumers” of health services or “patients” with a specific disease, but rather as active citizens participating in healthcare policymaking as essential stakeholders, strengthening our ‘European citizenship’ and trying to reduce the gap between citizens and Institutions, by showing also the benefits that the EU could offer to patients.

The Conference wanted mainly to exchange and discuss with candidates the needs of citizens and patients and how to strengthen their rights at European level, to contribute to set out the EU health agenda: influence and advocate on political priorities and to increase the cooperation among the EU Institutions and citizens & patient organizations.

As for the previous editions of the EPRD, about 100 people attended the conference. People selected among Active Citizenship Network constituency (civic & patients organizations, partners in EU projects, consultants, etc.); MEPs and their assistants; leaders of national and EU Brussels-based umbrella organizations/networks; European Commission members; relevant stakeholders (healthcare professionals, scientific societies, providers, companies, representatives of public and private sectors), media & Brussels-based PR agencies.
The event was kindly co-hosted by MEP Brando Benifei and MEP Elena Gentile from S&D group.

Click here to the Conference’s programme 
Click here to read the speakers’ biographies 
Click here to see the photos of the event 
Click here to see the webcast replay of the conference
Click here to read the press release 
Click here to download the Position paper on prevention, innovation and a new health governance for the new EU Institutions, drafted in May 2019 by ACN with the endorsement of 18 associations.


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