In the framework of the EU-funded project Cognitive Enrichment of European health riGhts for third agE “Ε-geia”, Cittadinanzattiva hosted a delegation of two Greek NGOs, “Union of Working Consumers of Greece”, official partner of Active Citizenship Network, and “Institute of Research for Innovation and Development”.

The subject matter included the best ways to approach the target group (patients and elderly people), successful methods of raising awareness of European values and rights, existing national & European initiatives that could be transferred to the Greek context, as well as presentation of practices of participation in EU social dialogue platforms.

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Exchange best practices in the context of “Ε-geia” project

Study visit in Italy

Rome, 12 April, 2024


Venue: Cittadinanzattiva APS / Active Citizenship Network Headquarters, via Imera 2, Rome

9.15 – 11.30 Meeting with:

  • Mariano Votta, Responsible EU Affairs at Cittadinanzattiva / Director Active Citizenship Network
  • Daniela Quaggia, Senior Project Manager at Cittadinanzattiva / Active Citizenship Network

Topics & presentations:

1. Cittadinanzattiva & Active Citizenship Network, a brief introduction
2. The evolution of patients’ rights in Italy - the role of civic and patients organizations: the case of Cittadinanzattiva- Tribunal for Patients' Rights
3. Cittadinanzattiva and its protection model
4. How We Can Help: The Role of Civil Society in Promoting Vaccination Across the Life Course
5. Fighting Covid-19 & protecting vulnerable target population
6. How we advocate for elderly people in Italy

11.30 – 12-00 trasfer to Cittadinanzattiva-Lazio office

Venue: Cittadinanzattiva-Lazio office, via Ariosto 3, Rome
c/o the local health authority “Asl Roma 1”

12.00 – 13.15 Meeting with:

  • Claudia Cardinali, Responsible Back Office at Cittadinanzattiva-Lazio
  • Francesco Pietrangeli, volunteer at Cittadinanzattiva-Lazio
  • Lilla de Roberto, volunteer at Cittadinanzattiva-Lazio

Topics & presentations:

1. Cittadinanzattiva-Lazio: its presence on the territory & the relationship with the local Health Authority
2. Protection of patients’ rights: a selection of case-studies
3. Advocacy initiatives at the local level

Ε-geia” project was submitted to the program BUILD “Building a robust and democratic civic space” of the European Education and Culture Executive Agency - EACEA, within the framework of the program "Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values" (CERV)

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