Cittadinanzattiva, through the Director of its EU branch Active Citizenship Network, recently took part to the initiative titled “What are the challenges faced by Covid-19 high-risk patients and how can we improve their care?”, held in Brussels last 24 of May 2023. In particular, the ACN’ Director was involved in the opening and in the final remarks.

The event – very well moderate by the journalist Mariam Zaidi - was a unique occasion to put a further spotlight on achieving optimal care for high-risk patients with Covid-19. During the roundtable event, a discussion has held among participants to exchange further insight on how to support national and European policymakers in improving the current fragmentation for high-risk Covid-19 patients, as well as for the establishment of effective surveillance and response systems. To address these challenges, a set of “Recommendations on Covid-19 Patient Pathways”, was developed following the Advisory Board, which took place the 23 February 2023, and then presented during the event in May, organized at the Stanhope Hotel Brussels by RPP Group with the support of Active Citizenship Network and funded by Pfizer.

Here you are the list of the PAGs involved in the Advisory Board, starting from the International and European ombrella organizations:

  • International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunode-ficiencies (IPOPI)
  • European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID).

Togheter with them:

  • Coalition of Healthcare Associations from Croatia (Koalicija udruga u zdravstvu-KUZ);
  • National Association of Patient Organizations from Czech Republic (Národní asociace pacientských organizací-NAPO);
  • Cittadinanzattiva-Active Citizenship Network (ACN) from Italy but active also at the EU level;
  • Council of Representatives of Lithuanian Patient Organizations from Lithuania (Lietuvos pacientų organizacijų atstovų taryb-LPOAT);
  • Institute of Patient Rights and Health Education from Poland (Instytut Praw Pacjenta i Edukacji Zdrowotnej-IPPEZ);
  • Federación Nacional de Asociaciones (ALCER) and Plataforma de Organización de Pacientes (POP) both from Spain.

To know more:

Download the save the date and the final agenda

Download the short and full version of the recommendations

Download the Advisory Board Report, click here

For Active Citizenship Network this initiative is in coherence with the engagement in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, and new recent initatives started at the EU level titled “Protecting the value of access to care during - and after - the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: focus on antivirals” and “Improving health literacy for better public and patient involvement in COVID-19 pandemic mitigation”.

To find out more about the event held 14 November 2023 at the European Parliament in Brussels, during which the Recommendations were presented, click here.

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