In coherence with its long-term commitment on the topic, and in continuity with the activities carried out in 2021 in the framework of the I° edition of the European project called “Therapeutic adherence during the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: impact, experiences and perspectives from PAGs & relevant stakeholders”, Cittadinanzattiva APS, through its EU branch Active Citizenship Network (ACN), is committed along 2022 to promote an EU policy dialogue on therapeutic adherence, with the aim to better contribute – starting from citizens’ and patients’ perspective - on understanding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the therapeutic plans for chronic patients, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the actions and reactions implemented by PAGs and relevant stakeholders in front of the community of experts and Institutions.

The starting point well be the main data collected thanks the survey carried out by Active Citizenship Network with the direct involvement of 38 PAGs across Europe. About it, data and recommendations collected show the inadequate attention of institutions and the main stakeholders in relation to access and continuity of care for non-Covid-19 patients, as better explained in the introductory article “Encouraging across Europe the civic & patient advocacy groups’ engagement in the implementation of National Resilience and Recovery Plans to reduce the burden of Covid-19 pandemic on NCDs patients’ therapeutic adherence”, drafted by Active Citizenship Network and published by “International Journal of Epidemiology And Public Health Research” peer reviewed journal.

PAGs actions and re-actions during the pandemic on continuity of care & therapeutic adherence
Different EU umbrella organizations have already collected information on the impact of Covid-19 on therapeutic adherence for patients affected by the same diseases they advocate for. However, a confrontation between them to understand if there are common aspects suffered/observed by patients afflicted by different chronic pathologies is missing. Thus, the aim is to organize an EU webinar involving as speakers both EU Institutions, HCPs, but also selected leaders of the European associations who deal with specific chronic conditions.

Starting from the main outputs of the first edition of the project, the aim is to socialize the common elements or specificities that the pandemic's impact has had on the therapeutic adherence for these groups of patients in order to build a broad picture of this health emergency.

Therapeutic adherence & digital health solutions
A specific focus will be dedicated to the digital health solutions implemented in the last 2 years to improve the adherence to treatments. In fact, It is often stressed, even rightly so, how important it is that patients or those who take care of them are adequately informed about the importance of adherence to treatment and the risks of non-adherence. This role requires coordination between general practitioners, specialists, pharmacists, patient organizations, caregivers, and the entire health system. Many digital health solutions can be a decisive support in this respect, especially for chronic patients.

Because barriers to medication adherence are complex and varied, solutions to improve adherence must be multifactorial and multistakeholder. For this reason, we like to switch “from the therapeutic adherence to the therapeutic alliance”, in which the interaction with HCPs, as also the adherence to treatment, benefit from the new digital health tools.

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  • Click here to know more about the EU project “Therapeutic adherence during the COVID-19 pandemic across Europe: impact, experiences and perspectives from PAGs & relevant stakeholders” (I° Edition)
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Last update: December 2022

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